Punk100 Jeffhardy1Fan
Dec 28, 06 10:23pm
you maybe jeff #1 fan but im the hardyboyz number one fan
bballgurli11 Jeffhardy1Fan
Jul 08, 05 8:13pm
bballgurli11 ok well i sined urs now u have 2 sine mine!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!c !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!sgjkldfgj sdfgjkjsdfgkjdlfglmlsdf ejgkljkh d fjghkljdfh sorry i had 2 do that so i culd have at least 125 characters!
The Devil KANE Jeffhardy1Fan
Nov 19, 04 6:44pm
Hi, just signin your guestbook so you will sign mine... I like Jeff Hardy too so its a shame he int in HCTP or SDvR. Do you have any extra glitches for HCTP
bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr Jeffhardy1Fan
Nov 19, 04 3:31am
My guestbook has reached 20 pages ^.^
Thanks for participating in it!!!

Signed by Moi,
Trumpet75 Jeffhardy1Fan
Oct 27, 04 9:20pm
I'd stamp you but I dont know how!!! Oh,well,what did the leper say to the prostitute?Keep the tip. HA! So you got a good sense of humor,huh? Why the hell does this thing say I have to have a minimum of 125 characters or it wont stamp?Never seen that before.
GLBlazer_1 Jeffhardy1Fan
Sep 29, 04 10:53pm
Im signin your guestbook....just because
sign mine...visit my neo home n give me suggestions on what i could put...enjoy the pictures...like the only 2 i have there...but their still good...see yah' buddy...if yah want we could be neo buddies....take care:D
bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr Jeffhardy1Fan
Sep 16, 04 3:03am
One of them random guestbook signings...

Please sign & pm back if you don't mind...

Signed by Moi,
Wolfenstein38 Jeffhardy1Fan
Sep 15, 04 12:46am
well heres a stamp for you sighn back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DQ Maniac Jeffhardy1Fan
Sep 14, 04 3:44pm
Hey, I'm just signing your guestbook via the link in your sig. That's all I guess. See ya later!

- Mike C.
NSX Jeffhardy1Fan
Aug 23, 04 7:27pm
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around Jeffhardy1Fan. Sign back if you want...
Ninja99348 Jeffhardy1Fan
Aug 18, 04 8:11pm
i just stopped bye and wanted to sighn your guestbook and i wanted to ask you if you have digimon world 3 and i wanted to ask you if you have any medal of honor games for computer and if you do whats your name on it
Darth Revan Jeffhardy1Fan
Aug 16, 04 10:40pm
hey i decided to sign your guestbook for no reason. well here's a stamp [img]http://img67.exs.cx/img67/2042/Darth-Revans-stamp.gif[img] sign back plz
LinkMaster03 Jeffhardy1Fan
May 15, 04 12:12pm
I saw you sig... I just came... For no reason... Hey... Seya...Back?... I... Said... BYE!... Later... Alligator...See... Ya... 'Round... The... Sonic... Forums... Now...Sign my Guestbook...
Ultimate 1 Jeffhardy1Fan
Feb 14, 04 8:47pm
This is Ultimate 1, wishing you a happy Valentine's Day! Scroll down for your special valentine!

U l t i m a t e 1

Little Miss Magic Jeffhardy1Fan
Feb 14, 04 8:14pm
DJ EGG Jeffhardy1Fan
Dec 28, 03 12:40am
WOW u really like jeff hardy ! So does that mean u like Matt aswell .Jeffs alright but Matts a freaken *bleep* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJ EGG Jeffhardy1Fan
Dec 28, 03 12:30am
WOW u really like jeff hardy ! So does that mean u like Matt aswell .Jeffs alright but Matts a freaken *bleep* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little Miss Magic Jeffhardy1Fan
Dec 26, 03 5:49pm

Merry Christmas! Click the stamp for an animation!

LMM xox
Amberish Persona Jeffhardy1Fan
Dec 11, 03 10:50pm
Signing your guestbook because you seem low on postings. So...... lalalala wasting space MERRY CHRISTMAS!


nofx_69 Jeffhardy1Fan
Dec 07, 03 6:29pm
I'm just signing your guestbook because I'm really bored and I was looking at one of my columns and you seem like a pretty nice guy. Well sign mine to!

koopabrat Jeffhardy1Fan
Oct 06, 03 8:31pm
I hope your stay on Neoseeker thus far has been a terrific one. ^-^ Beware of that Redemption fellow, though. He has a micro chip that he intends on implanting into your brain so that you will never leave. It's scary stuff, I tell you... Anyhoo, stay cool!
dl4everbsdlight Jeffhardy1Fan
Sep 26, 03 9:44pm
Hi what's up? Im just signing your guestbook, now arent you lucky;)! YAY! Ok I like to swim too! but lying on the bed is the best hobby ok ttyl:D
VixenDoll469 Jeffhardy1Fan
Sep 24, 03 12:49am
Hope you like it here at Neo. It is very addicting so be real careful! LOL I've been on here two years now. And have met so many great people.
AprilAKitty Jeffhardy1Fan
Sep 23, 03 3:23pm
HI. I saw your Pm to yours truely and I would very much like to sign this thing. So, I am. You gotta tell me were you hand out on neoseeker dude, cause I barely see ya. Would like to get to know yaz better in the near future. I don't have a stamp to stamp ya with, so I guess this message will just have to do. See ya around

Luigi Number 1 Jeffhardy1Fan
Sep 23, 03 2:25am
Hi, Jeffhardy1fan! ^^ Just signing your guestbook like you asked. So, what's up? Nothing much is up here.

So, anyway, what's your favorite video game? I like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for SNES and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for GameCube (I love the chaos!).

Well, I hope everything's cool with you. Cya around!