Known as FallenFlame on Gaiaonline. At times he will joke around, and at times he has no common sense. But the true emotion of this user us exact the opposite, somewhat dark, tough, and isolated lately.Although his emotion is rarly seen by others. Yet he mostly just remains docile, unwanting trouble. He dosn't like to use violence, but when angered, people might want to think twice. Reports place him with a company called Black Rose, but have recently gone underground and stopped thier current actions. The reason why is unkown. What is Black Rose's intentions, or FallenFlame's? The world might soon find out.


Hunt for the Red October, War of the Worlds, Bruce Almighty, X-Play, Cinematech, Modern Marvels, FLCL, Family Guy, American Dad, Aria Vol1, Trigun Maximun Vol1, War of the Worlds,AudioSlave,Nickelback, Seether, Black Sabbath, Video Games, RPG's, food, and Hot Weather.
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