In the end, he'd lost everything. He'd come too far in life to let this be the finale. And so he reverted.

The holsters were once again worn, and were no longer empty. It had been a long time since he'd met with his old friends, The Enders of Existence. He greeted them as a wolf would welcome his prey.

Tears of blood fled from his eyes and streamed down his cheeks, despite the callous and heartless disposition. He had imparted with what little humanity remained within him when her presence was torn from his life. He welcomed and embraced the beast within him. This was the coming of the end.

"Your soul is mine..."

Bullets whizzed past him as he moved at uncanny speed towards the shooters. Ducking and rolling, he sprang himself off his feet with all his force and began to unleash his fury as projectiles rained down upon his adversaries as he descended. Bodies hit the floor all around him as he arrived to the floor. He span and dodged several bullets from a single man that remained. Still, the man continued to unload in vain. He ran towards the man and jumped over him, grabbing the mans neck as he did so, and smashed the mans head into the floor. The smell of gunsmoke lingered in the air around him, as suppression began to situate where malice once subsided.

The deed was done. They had waged with their lives, and so had he.

"Your soul is mine..."

Kogre turned on his heel, only to face his Demon. He smiled.

"My revenge has not yet reached its' absolution. Even your Hell will pay. Welcome to mine."

Kogre raised his pistols and took aim...


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