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Jun 12, 14 1:48pm

Just received a Japanese, UT Susumu Mew via trade. Unfortunately I'm OCD about having my Pokemon's names in English/R

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May 31, 14 3:38pm

Celebi is Lv. 50 Pokemon Bank event, Jirachi and Meloetta are fresh SMR2010 and SPR2013 events respectively. Would prefer

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May 15, 14 10:41pm

Hey everybody and anybody, I've been looking to get some event legends for awhile now, but I've been having issues be

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May 13, 14 2:19pm

Celebi is level 50, and I think it came from the Pokemon Bank event. I'm looking for any other Event Legends, except f

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May 12, 14 9:11pm

I believe the Celebi is the one received from the Pokemon Bank event, I got it in a trade so I'm not sure. I'd pre

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Feb 28, 14 12:38pm

Does anyone still fuse Pokemon sprites together? If so, which forum would it be under/is there a current thread going? I u


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