Ok I don't know where to start.
I am very friendly and I can get really random.
-i have brown hair
-i have brown eyes
-im half puerto rican
I play in the school band and I play clarinet.
My favorite color is blue and other shades of blue.
Favorite animal is a kangaroo *punch punch*
My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.

Favorite summer activities:
Going to the beach
Riding my bike
Going to the park


I like to play video games and play on the computer.

Favorite games:
-Animal crossing/wild world
-Harvest moon ds/ IOH
-Super smash bros. Melee/brawl
-KingdomHearts/KingdomHearts 2
I like to talk on aim and hang out with my friends.
I go to school like a normal kid and umm...idk what else


Random is who i am :]
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