Hey man, I just realized, even tho u wer the first person to sign my GB, I never signed back! Well, as a form of apology, Im going to stamp yours. Hope u like it! =P

Yea I guess it would be my neoseekerly duty to sign your guestbook!

No fancy stamps for me though...

That was cool where did you get that I couldn't read it at first!
Yeah we do have a lot of similar interests; Halo, Lost, Zelda, not Jazz .

Signed By J~Fro 888

Merry Merry Merry Merry X-Mas
Hey jazz,
How you going?
I've seen you in,around, up and down the halo2 forum and you have been helping people out nicely.
You are keeping the forums alive.
anyway... cya round
Hey JM! We haven't talked in quite some time. Hope that we can talk some time soon. Here is a new stamp for you.

See ya later,
Thought I'd swing by and sign. See you around.

Signing back for my Gbook signing! Here you go:

Lterally the Jazz Master
wow, your the first person ive even seen link a picture to there guestbook. kudos....

sign back!!
Don't have a stamp currently but...Just wanted to say hi to ya!
probably don't know me but...What ever...

U g0+ $+@mp3d by $+3
Im signing cos i agree with your opinions in the Melee forum *Most of them actually* and i think youd be cool to talk to.

sign bak

I dont have a stamp

o man i need 126 charcters

ngjguifgmnkgjignjofjgfdgnfubngjnodgufjnguthgtigng gkbugjiu nhgnfikgjif jgjrigmigj bmbntu

Saw your signature, what the hell, I'll be kind enough to drop by with a stamp. Rather old one, but it's the only one I can find right now in my messy computer.

hope your having a nice 2006!

see you round the forums
plz sign back!
Doo doo doo trying to fill the 125 har rulez...
Hey kool pic! I am not alone, someone else who shares my delights of trev. Anyways make sure you sign back, and if you want we could be neo friends. Let me know, Moores

hey thanks for signing my guestbook, i have been seeing you around lately in the zelda forums and i hope you decide to stick around until we could play twilight princess
I saw your anoying sign my guestbook thing which kept on pissing me off so I thought I would sign. Excellent reason, isn't it?

I hope you sign back because my guestbook is felling a bit lonely.
I've seen you in Loungin', so I decided to sign your guestbook.

Don't forget to sign back!

Here's a willy stamp for you.

I am lost in the desert of the_REAL_____

Whats up!! I saw you on the Super Smash Forum. I like Magical Trevor Too!! *starts singing Magical Trevor is here for the day.

A really funny stamp that kept me laughing for 15 minutes straight!

See you on the Loungin' forum, Budday:D
you said i sign people randomly and thats how i get my signings so wrong! i get mine fairly ty. lol

shame on you for stareing its rude. happy wutever holiday it is!
Im signing your guestbook. Sign back. Now.

hey waz up?

like ur sig.
sup dude saw your post and thought id sign, one question though...SCOOBY DOO???

Y scooby, o well play Resident Evil 4 ITS FUN. Sign my guestbook too.
i do this so often im running out of people to sign! i'll have to dobble signing.some other people random signing but its good when others sign back (hint,hint)
Hey, I see you around in the Super Smash Bros. Melee forums. It's hard to believe that there are people that don't like this game. I hope to see you around.