I am also going to tell you how I became a member and how I chose my name;

In 2003 my friend (who isn't a member) told me of this site and ever since I always had this site as my favourite site

I had posted a few times as a guest in forums mostly for help on games and I never really considered being a member

But one day I went to make a post in the Zelda: Twilight Princess forum but i couldn't since i wasn't a member and then it just dawned on me that this had been my favourite site for over 2 years and I wasn't a member so I thought I might as well suscribe and see what it was like... turns out it was great

Well as I child everyone called me Jazz from the game Jazz the jackrabbit, I wasn't obsessed with it, infact I only had a demo of one game and they just called me Jazz so when I went to type in Jazz it was already taken so I went with Jazz Master

By the way I don't like Jazz music



Legend of Zelda games
Wizards and Warriors
Eternal Darkness
Halo series
Gears Of War


Con Air
League of extraordinary gentlemen
Lord of the Rings movies
King Kong

TV Series:

season 1 Lost
season 2 Lost
soon to be season 3 lost
etc etc


Ice Station
Area 7
Seven Ancient Wonders
Halo Fall of Reach


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Review: Eternal Darkness - A Must Get

Apr 6, 2006

One of the greatest games I have ever played, but this game is very challenging. You will get stuck a lot of the time with the puzzles in it The graphics are great, nothing wrong with them, I don't think anything should've looked better then it...

Jarryd McCole


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