Hi, I figured I'd go ahead and sign you a bit early beacause I'm sure that I will probably be busy on Chrismas Day and I'm sure you will too. So anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Have Fun and sign back when you can plz. =D Enjoy some holiday stamps.

well since we like the same stuff i figured id go ahead and sign here - have fun with these stamps lol ~sign back~

Hey thought I'd sign your GB seeing as I'm online quite a bit now. Anyways.

See ya around
Just felt like stamping your guestbook so please stamp me back...

Nice stamp, lol... Anyway, just a li'l' friendly advice:

In the "Welcome & Instructions" part, you mispelled "sigh". Might wanna fix that.

Anyway, here's my stamp:

I wish you an assload of fun. Hah! Get it? An assload?

Fwahaha my stamp is so cool... Um it won't let me post it because it isn't long enough so I'm just typing this so that it will go lol
Hey. Since you were so kind as to sign my GB, I'll sign yours back.

well, signing back of the signing back. actually, i just wanted to use one of my new stamps on someone.

this is my new stamp.

this is my semi-new stamp

and this is just plain funny

THANKS! For! Being! My! Neofriend! Yes! I! Know! I! sound! Like! A! Cheerleader!
You signed my guestbook! And... I haven't signed yours. That's like a crime or something close to it. So, I bounced right on back with this... umm, piece of crap. I made it in paint, I drew it too. So... yeah, it sucks. Here.

You've been stamped dude, there's no getting around it. You're condemned to a life of shame and misfortune. ... So yeah, have a good one!
thanks for signing my guestbook. So you make really good stamps which is really cool. Here one I made.
Hey, here's my stamp, I kinda like it, enjoy, and good luck with your GFX:

Cya round mate.
Rikkulover is the greatest master I have ever had. He should be declared the greatest Neoseekerian on all of Neoseeker and should be worship by all. Rikkulover owns you all.
xix Happy Holidays xix

Wishing you the merriest Christmas!

!~Be naughty and save Santa the trip =3 lol

xix Den-den xix
we don't talk as much anymore I wonder why so heres a stamp
heres my great stamp! GGRREEAATT!!!

See ya!
Hey Jaw, I got a new stamp (dnt know if you will like it, but...), anyways let's hav some more NeoPM sloooooow conversations lol. See ya round...
saw you around, so i decided to sign your g-book. sign back.
just doing random signing and you have been chosen. later.
hey.. man... soo... ill.. stamp..

Woot! Me signing your GuestBook here! Here's the stamp i just finished:

here my stamp i made it a couple of days ago i know it isn't the best but I'll get better sooner or later

hope u like it
I dont know you. This is just a random signing.

Ok... (Insert writing here). I hate this 125 letter rule thing...

Don't think I've signed yet so wassup!I don't have a stamp but I might if I can find out how to to make one.So I guess I'll see you around.