I feel a video game crash is in order to pick up the mess that the game industry has become.
Holy crap, what the hell happened to the old profile stuff? Been too long I guess.
One of my Most Fav GTA's 80's rocked! GrandTheftAutoViceCity PS2
I own a Core with not Hard Drive, iam fine with it! Xbox360 X360
incredable Hulk/GTA, mixed into one Crackdown X360
Great game with good music, not as good as 3 GuitarHero2 PS2
It was ok, but to much gangster made me hate it SaintsRow X360
Its an ok game, not the best ive played MonsterHunterFreedom PSP
Great Wii game that i got for chrismas! SuperMarioGalaxy Wii
Great Space/story ive ever played! love this game! MassEffect X360
Best music game to play alone GuitarHero3LegendsOfRock PS2
This is best Wii online yet! MarioKartWii Wii
Fun for friends, online suffers SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii
One of the best MMO's WorldOfWarcraft PC
Great system with lots of options WiiHardware Wii

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