Zebra Cakes Jaw Knee
Jul 26, 09 2:26pm
I was looking at my guestbook, and you were the last one to sign it. And I totally ignored it. Sorry bud, You can PM me whenever.
Quetzalcoatl Jaw Knee
May 18, 09 5:10am


Hi Jack the Bandit! I just noticed you changed your name to Jaw Knee... Man, that was like a looong time ago but for a weird reason I was going thrue old post in Jax II forum and I saw you in some. I still remember the old times. Well, be seeing you, kupo.


luffyluffy Jaw Knee
Mar 07, 08 7:09am
So ya...STAMP!

You'll be good with some carrots >.>
segaman Jaw Knee
Feb 19, 08 7:18am
Hey, I hope you like this stamp, buddy!

Feel free to sign back!

o_Vitamin J_o Jaw Knee
Dec 23, 07 12:30pm

you must feel so special

triforceofwisdom Jaw Knee
Aug 14, 07 1:46am
omg u got it rite

The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters

The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters
triforceofwisdom Jaw Knee
Jul 23, 07 7:09am
Just dropping by to say yo and to show off my first stamp evar.

Have a good one.
Flame Phoenix Jaw Knee
Jan 22, 07 1:44pm
I have defected. I do not want a Wii anymore and wish for a Playstation 3. Wanna know why? THIS is why:



TVI Jaw Knee
Jan 21, 07 6:42am
Cheers for signing mate . Keep on posting in Musical Instruments and Equipment - it's where all the cool kids hang out .

See ya around.
Tancuras Jaw Knee
Jan 20, 07 10:22am
I'm a man of many faces, so don't hate me for being an asshole in the forums once in a while. You know, at the noobs. Not the cool people (you).

Keep it real! XD
YoshiStar Jaw Knee
Jan 10, 07 9:33am

Recently I've been browsing Google images with safesearch off. All you gotta do is type in 'HOT NAKED MEN' and it'll find guys. Shirtless guys. Pantless guys. Naked guys. Hot guys. They're all hot, and I love looking at them. Of course, they'll never be as hot as my master, and you won't either. She's the coolest, hottest, and awesomest mistress I've ever had.

Sign her guestbook! She won't even bother to read your message because she's so cool and above your level, but atleast you'll get the honor of signing her guestbook yourself! Go, right now! Don't ignore this message. If you don't go, I swear, I'll wrap my hands around your mouth until you can't breathe anymore. Sometimes you've just gotta jump over that fence blocking you between your life and her guestbook.

PLZ... SIGN... Mistress DenDen's Gbook
gaiablade64 Jaw Knee
Jan 08, 07 12:30pm
I love Lindsey very very much! Do you love her? I think that Sakura is the best member of Neoseeker ever. It is such a pretty name too: Sakura. Soooo pretty. Just Like Lindsey. She is very pretty and I love her very much. Will you please sign her guestbook? She will love you forever, just like she loves me.

Sakura makes me so happy. You should get to know her. She is amazing. She is also a wonderful, beautiful Princess. <3

Lindsey's Gardener
Supreme Wolverine Jaw Knee
Dec 25, 06 12:12pm
Have a great Christmas and a happy new year from yours truly the great SW.

Cyborg Pancake Jaw Knee
Dec 07, 06 6:25am
Just signin back, man.

It's great to see another Minnesotan. (the best state in the entire union, hands down.)

See ya around the boards!

Uff da!
dabliharo Jaw Knee
Dec 06, 06 4:25pm

Stamping you in my new account, catch ya later mate.
Dio Jaw Knee
Nov 28, 06 12:48pm
YO what's up Jaw?

Thanks for signing my guestbook. How come you don't visit the TP forum much anymore? It's no fun without you and Zebra senselessly arguing for no reason.
EM876N83tw Jaw Knee
Nov 28, 06 7:00am


It's been awhile since I blessed your guestbook =o so here I am! check out my newest stamp!

See you later mate ^^ |-Em8-|
BISON Jaw Knee
Nov 23, 06 1:31pm
Hey I'm stamping everyone in the wii forums that I know or kinda know so:

Hope you like it
NeoConservie Jaw Knee
Nov 21, 06 3:56pm
Unblock me, you *bleep*. You weren't supposed to actually do it.

The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters
GamB Jaw Knee
Nov 21, 06 8:30am
Yep so hi.
How ya doing? I'm good and elephant sauce?
Applesacue with your elephant sauce?
How bout some cranberries?

the GB below this is the gayest in the Jaw Knee's guestbook
Punk100 Jaw Knee
Nov 04, 06 11:01am
i see u online alot and i dont think i stamp u yet so here a stamp!!!!!!!!!
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj Jaw Knee
Oct 27, 06 4:16am
I don't know if the last pm was getting old or if I'm annoying but I just wanted to know.
And I still can't figure out how to get a stamp but I'll still see you around.
Gogetenks Jaw Knee
Oct 26, 06 10:37am
PM conversation? I don't recall any PMs ! I was planning to sign your guestbook sometime, but I lost my stamp . I just remembered that the Participation page has my last guestbook signings(my most recent one was last March 0_0), so I managed to dig up my good ol' stamp.

Credit: Sweet Blossom

Later days .

mex51 Jaw Knee
Oct 24, 06 4:07am
Thanks for the Birthday signing. Here is a gift to you:

EM876N83tw Jaw Knee
Oct 13, 06 6:18am

After tommorow we can say...


...To all the poor losers who didn't get to reserve a Wii.