Im Funny At Least I Think I Am Hehehe Does That Count?........ OH MY GOD!! :| A PIMPLE!! Get It Off!! GET IT OFF!! :| :O

Here are my neo-friends in no order
Dark Link
Jungle warrior
Green Yoshi 2004
team groin
Fading Shadows

And my neo-family
Larn---- ( hes a very cool and creative person he mades banners and avatars, man and WHAT AVATARS !! theyre sooooo cool if u need one pm him ^_^)
skaterstar57--------(very cool sister to have shes the best i really like her very much!!)
Sosai X----------( wow what can i say bout her? shes a wonderfull sis caring and very nice)
Miss Witching Hour---------( shes so sweet!! and nice to me i i really like to talk to this sister ^^
Hopeislife50---------(i havent spoked to her very much but i will but she is a pretty good lass)
Tidus Strife--------(my first neo-bro what can i say bout him? hes a really cool person oh and he likes Fox and the creator of a new word "DOOD" its cool and dude^_^)
KujasSilverDragon--------(Kuja was one of my first friends and we ended up being family super cool bro!! got to love him)
lollipopz--------------(OMG!! tottally pure sweetness!! we have 1 very important thing in common... we both looove to make awesome drawings! shes so special! :D luv ya sis!! ^_^)
DENNISSEA----------(awwww cute little Den-den!! ^_^ she has a very special power she can draw very cool! characters! shes so special too!! ^_^)

if u dont r in my list pm me and ill add u cuz im a little dumb hehehe J/K..... or am i...O_o?


Super Smash Bros Melee
Resident Evil
King Of Fighters
shingo pics and wallpapers!! (kof)
I Love Nintendo!! It's The Best!!
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