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Jun 28, 08 7:32pm
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  • "Honestly, this was my brothers choice. Not a big fan. SpiderManTheMovie"
    poppy34 Feb 25, 15 12:26pm
  • "Didn't follow much with the story but still had the Spiderman console game feel. A good feeling. SpiderManTheMovie"
    Twin_Master Aug 18, 10 9:28pm
  • "The game's only good when you unlock the Green Goblin and fuck everyone over. Hehehe. THEN it's fun. SpiderManTheMovie"
    JasonKaotic Jul 22, 10 12:57pm
  • "I guess they decided that the slow web hang wasn't so useful. Loved the redesigns for old characters this game came out with SpiderManTheMovie"
    Celes Leonhart Jun 12, 09 5:51am
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