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Oh, I'm at the part where you fly the Ragnarok into Lunatic Pandora. I'm going for Tonberry, Doomtrain and Eden first though. FinalFantasy8 PC
That trepie with the Quistis card stole all my *bleep*ing Character cards! FinalFantasy8 PC
Well yesterday I finally got this badass mofo working. I have just got myself back to Galbadia Garden in Disc 2~ FinalFantasy8 PC
Huh. Working even worse than on my PS1... FinalFantasy8 PC
Right, I'm gonna run my FFVIII discs on ePSXe and see if it doesn't crash on the cinematics this way. Wish me luck~ FinalFantasy8 PC
The best game ever made. And I'm not exaggerating. Why can't more games be like this? FinalFantasy8 PC
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