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Aug 10, 10 1:57pm
William = Scythe. Fable2
Aug 10, 10 1:56pm
Still want Rose and William back though. Unless like, he's already alive when you bring your family back, like. Fable2
Aug 10, 10 1:55pm
Meh. At least I finished See The Future. Now my save'll flow into Fable 3 better. (to do list: get married, have two kids, call one Logan) Fable2
Aug 10, 10 1:54pm
All you get for Sacrifice is a statue built. Choosing Love would likely make Fable 3 better, but noo. That's not the right thing to do. -.- Fable2
Jul 22, 10 12:26pm
Crap compared to the first one. Bring on Fable 3. Fable2
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