Crash Course is pretty goddamn overpriced, considering how short is, and how it isn't really any different to the other campaigns. Left4Dead PC
Serious quesrion... how exactly did Sephiroth cause a Supernova on the same star three times, and after each of them, everything was intact? FinalFantasy7 PC
I made the wrong end-game choice twice in row, man. The guys won't stop moaning at me for giving the Illusive Man the ship. MassEffect2 PC
Shit compared to the first one. WHY ALL THE TIME LIMITS?! DeadRising2 PS3
SO much better than Halo 3. You've redeemed yourselves, Bungie. Goodbye. HaloReach X360
After over two years of owning this game, I have just completed the main quest. I am awesome. TheElderScrolls3Morrowind PC
Seriously. What the hell is wrong with Darren Shan? D:
Well, that was a slightly grim ending...
I've ordered this off eBay. Woo~ DemonThief
I've ordered this off eBay. Woo~ Slawter
Oh, I'm at the part where you fly the Ragnarok into Lunatic Pandora. I'm going for Tonberry, Doomtrain and Eden first though. FinalFantasy8 PC
That trepie with the Quistis card stole all my *bleep*ing Character cards! FinalFantasy8 PC
Well yesterday I finally got this badass mofo working. I have just got myself back to Galbadia Garden in Disc 2~ FinalFantasy8 PC
Jesus Christ. 98% and it's been running since 3am yesterday. HURRY THE HELL UP AND DOWNLOAD! Aion PC
Still want Rose and William back though. Unless like, he's already alive when you bring your family back, like. Fable2 X360

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