The issue with the Un realistic gameplay that has been indicated, is thef act that they wanted to make a serious war... read more

Um...Gears of War is 10 times worse than this thing, I am sure of it. And yet, It was allowed in. read more

I knew about the Military suit. But i never expected a Civilian version to appear so quickly. read more

Uh....ok? I had no idea the Exoskeleton was this far along. Master Chief Soldier program, anyone? read more

Jesus christ. This is why I don't like to game on PC anymore. Too much BS to trudge through. read more

What the hell? I sent less than 20 texts in '08. What the *bleep* could he have been talking about? read more

My biggest issue with this, is if it is used to portray an Incorrect version of the War. in WWII The engagements... read more

While Tansy needs to go off and die under a rock. I do agree with the over all view that this game shouldn't be.... read more

Oh piss off already! I am only saying I have heard this before. it's not like I'm saying Lydia did something wrong.... read more

I remeber this story. I do, ok? Expect they used Tetris not sims, for one group. >_< read more

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD story. I remember this back at the begining oh '08. read more

quote L0GIN SLAY3R
LOL I wonder why THM is here?
Hmmmmmmmm...... read more

if you do such a thing, I will hunt you down, feed you your entrails whilst removing your testicles through your... read more

They're hideous, more so in 1080p. :-S Well, the lines are cleaner but...eeww. read more

The 360's greatest hold back in terms of graphical power and all that. it uses DVD still. 9 GiGs just isn't enough... read more

True, true. I just think the Environments are so friggin awesome. And the lighting is insane. read more

I want to See Bethesda use the CryEngine 3 for the next Elder Scrolls game, if they plan on making one. In fact, ANY... read more

Holy shit. That thing is *bleep*ing HUGE! read more

I would laugh my ass off if the hackers screen name is Locutus. [think Picard gone borg] read more

Cool. I may need to get a bunch of MS points and get that Map pack. read more

HAHAHA! Very good! Goddamn I needed to laugh right then. Nice. XD... read more

The first one was decent. Too short. A bit repetative, but ok. This time I want to see more polish, though. Like... read more