First of all I suck at spelling so if I have any errors when I post dont think much of it.I am not the most popular person.I can be timid.I sound very noobish sometimes.I can be funny(Rarely)and I like to have friends.If you want to be my friend just talk to me.

Some of my better friends on neo are

Blacknight: We used to talk all the time.He's helped me a lot and he can be pretty damn hilarious sometimes. Don't know whre he's been for a while tho.

lilc4(His name is longer but I forget it!):We don't get to talk a lot but i enjoy it. i havent talked to him in a while either.

Lil_wolfy: I didn't talk to her much but she was pretty *bleep**** hilarious. She is great to talk to and i want to become better friends with her(not in that way you perverts, I already have a girlfriend)
Well, that pretty much wraps this up.
um, now get the hell out!


Star wars,ssbb,kirby,pikmin,animal crossing,metroid,mario,pokemon,girls,football,rock music,guitar hero, and dressing up like ZZ Top during halloween.
My favorite songs are
Man in a Box, Down in a Hole, I Stay Away, No Excueses, and Rooster by Alice In Chains
One, The Day that Never Comes and Enter Sandman by Metallica
Sweet Child O Mine,Welcome to the Jungle,Knocking on Heavens Door, and Live and Let Die by Guns N Roses
Thunderstruck,Highway To Hell,Back In Black,and just about every other AC-DC song in existence.
Cowboy by Kid Rock(I HATE All Summer Long)
Sharp Dressed Man,Tush,and a couple other ZZ Top songs.
Last Resort by Papa Roach
Down Poison,Loser,and Kryptonite by Three Doors Down
I Hate Everything About you and Animal that I have become by 3 Days Grace
Every song on The All The Right Reasons(featuring ZZ Top)album by Nickelback
Stairway To heaven,Immigrant Song,and When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin.
Plush, Wicked Garden, Dead and Bloated, and Vasoline by STP(Stone Temple Pilots you noobs.)
Spoonman,BLack Hole Sun,Superunknown and Rusty Cage by Soundgarden.
You Really Got Me, Panama, Runnin Woth the Devil,and Jamie's Cryin by Van Halen.
Cherub Rock, Today, and some other song that's name I forgot by Smashing Pumpkins.
Brain stew and American Idiot( *bleep* America!!) by Greenday
Superman's Dead and Somewhere out there by Our Lady Peace
Lithium All apologies In Bloom and Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana(The new best band ever)
No Way Back, The Pretender, Learn to FLy, My Hero, Best of you, DOA, and Everlong by THe Foo Fighters(who are no longer the best band ever)
I actually prefer 90s and onward rock(80s was mostly gay) i also love the bands The Offspring Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Audioslave and Linkin Park but im too lazy to write it(Isnt this big enough?)


Petey likes it up the butt.
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