FUN WITH PRIVATE MESSAGES! The following story takes places sometime around the time Jespomo created an alternate ID, The List. I narrowed it down to who he was and Jespomo filled myself and Zombie Shuffle in, along with a few others. My replys won't be posted, as I lost them, I'll try to generalize: Me: I thought you said Tec 9 is The List, PUT IT BACK UP! [q][originator=DMC24guy]I will momentarily collins, keep your pants on. I'm having a lengthy discussion with Tec 9 right now. I need to tie up some loose ends.[/q] Me: It wasn't Tibor, was it? [q][originator=DMC24guy]Ok Collins, you win. You can have all my money. For that matter, I have taken all of my dignity, stuffed it in a brown paper bag, and thrown that in as well. Hell, I even ripped my own heart out and brain and thrown that in as a bonus. Tec 9 has explained to me all I need to know. It's not him, it's not a Moderator, and the only thing I know is that it's a "well known" member. Unfortunately that doesn't help. So now I turn to you. A man who knows how to play his chips very well. What do you know Mr. Collins? What do you know?[/q] Allow me to explain. I told DMC when he thought he knew who The List was that DMC had no idea who The List was, make sense? Jespomo was pretty careful. Anyway, DMC thought it okay to post that Tibor[Tec9] was The List on The Drudge Report, his other website. Well, DMC was wrong. I had been using some gambling analogy about playing poker to let him know he was wrong. That's why he is talking like this. Let's continue. Me: I can't tell you who The List is(I promised this to Jespomo) [q][originator=DMC24guy]Look my free mason friend, I am going to spend all night if I have to bartaring with you to find out who This List is. Look, let me say what you want to hear. I was wrong. I am wrong. I have been wrong about almost everything. Other than finding the Blue Hell, and making some stories about it, there really isn't anything else I can take credit for. You my friend are BETTER THAN ME. I am a sick, sick man. I have nothing left. My chances of being unbanned are slim to none. You have all your posting abilities intact and all I can do is haunt people in their Pm's, and that will probably be going away soon as well. Look, if it's secrecy you want, you got it. So say the word and Drudge's Report will be turned off forever. I will never mutter a word of this to anyone. (This is probably meaningless to you, as you most likely take every word of mine as an utter lie. After all, who would try to make up an identity for the list out of thin air?) Now, this probably all seems very laughable to you, if not just sad and pathetic, but I don't care anymore. As you can probably tell, I have been reduced to a miniscule member who has no posting ability and little to anything else. I'm dying over here on the banned side of the online universe, and for just one little simple name, you sir could for at least temporary purposes, put a stop to my torture. PLEASE help me! I submit. I surrender. I give up. I wave the white flag. I will shut down Drudge's Report if I have to. I will allow you to belittle me in public, and I won't complain, but please let me know who the List is.... **pulls gun from shoe box, puts in mouth, waiting for response***[/q] Me: No, still not gonna say. A little aside. I tell him something about not playing the game fairly. This means whenever he creates a new user name during his ban, and I figure out who he is, he never admits to it, not even privately. This is a big no no to me. When I narrowed The List down to Jespomo, Jespomo told me, thus, he played fair. [q][originator=DMC24guy]Rules of the game? If this is all just a game, and its all just "A board", and not important, that what is so important about not telling me who The List is? If he is going to reveal himself anyway, why not give me a little advanced warning of who he is? Jesus christ, this is a joke. This isn't a game, its gone far beyond that. Its a sick, twisted free for all, and for some reason you are the one taking things far too seriously. Free-masons? Give me a break.[/q] and with that, we depart. The "Messiah" thinks I take things to seriously. What a pal -JC