Have a great Valentine's day!

Congrats on tying with FireKirby for first! You got some awesome skills and a good imagination man! Keep 'em comin' and I'll keep on judgin'!
No really. It's interesting. The rituals were very creative, and it made me think of a religion that I was thinking of converting to; Wicca. Even though it's different, it still involves spells, I'm just saying...

Anyways, just dropping by to sign. See ya!

Hey Jaguar, I hope you have a Happy Easter, and get lots of chockies. This dog is soo cute aye ^^. He's got lots of chockies .


Um did you leave neo? Merry Christmas anyway!

LMM xox
hello i'm saying hi and signing,lately i've been on a signing spree,well i signed your guestbook wanna sign mine??Um what else should i say............ohh yeah hi...bye....whatever

Duckmaster was here
Hiya!!! It is finally nice to see someone who appreciates Dani Filth for the greatness that he is!!!

Well, hope to see you around!!
I was just wondering... how the HECK do you make your Nokia do the personal ringtones? I want the Hymn of the Fayth really bad! If you could just email me the answer I'd be very obliged... My email address is: CryptedSeraph@aol.com Thanks!!!
You are the 17th person to be Knighted by me, feel special?

What language is the words you wrote in my guest book, whatever it is, I want to learn it. I am curruently teaching myself Japaneese and Latin, which are both proving harder to learn than I thought.
Lumin illis mortuus animus, suum terra venidio decido.
Howdy, former FFX mod. Havn't signed your reader so I thought I would. Have fun, laters!

Sign mine please.

I noticed that on your profile that you said your were Saturnist. No, I didnt mistake it for Satanist hehe, just kidding. It sounds really cool but anyways. I just wanted to say that MLII is really looking great and that you have to teach me how you keep your RP's alive hehe. PM me sometime, we should chat about mythology! I love having those kind of discussions, otherwise quantum physics... anywho, talk to ya later! bye.
Do you feel like a convicted lesbian .... ?

Do you feel liek you have split personalties .... ?

Do you feel it's cool to edit posts's and place 'BAKA!' at the bottom of them .... ?

Do you think your amazing .... ?

Then you need help .... 'cause if you know someone who is like this they need medication, the sort where you finegr yourself.

Hey Jaguar, dropping by to sign this to coomend you on your awesome Mythical Labryinth RP which I feel very privliged to be a part of.

Now that I look at your biography I see where you got the inspiration for such a brilliant piece of work. Keep it up man and I'll see you in the Labryinth!
[i]How are you going? Well your doing a great job moderating the FFX forum, even by yourself. Keep it up. Well see you in the FFX forum. Don't forget to say Hi![i]
greetings my new master... hahaha!!! erm..soz i guess im ur nu slave but i dunno y. u aint just my master, just my neogod. *worships*
Famm, E lajan ceklatk ouin kiacdpuug eh nadinh vur oui cekhatk seha, cu E kiacc e'mm cekh ouinc huf!

Hey Master, I can't believe I haven't signed your guestbook yet... my own master's...
I am disgraced...


Hehehe no one on neo knows who I am except you...
Hi again, I think I'll stop bothering you soon, he he. BTW how's that mod in FFIX forum coming along? I really thikn that you and Nemesii should become mods there too. You're great partners!
OK, I'll stop bothering you now.


Sign my guestbook if you havent already, please(see, I'm Polite).

Or you will face my wrath.
and such. ah character limit, i despise it. lets see will this do it?
Hey! I've seen you around Neoseeker quite alot.. I have only just thought to sign your guestbook though! Maybe you will sign mine in retun!!?!

hiya jaguar, or *real name unknown*... i DID talk 2u on msn until u BLOCKED ME:'(!!! i am deeply upset, and, ehhh, dont like u anymore anyway hi and sign my guestbook anyway

I dunno whether I signed your guestbook before but I just wanted to say hey. It's been cool talking on msn the few times we have even if you have been evil
See ya,
Helen xxxx
Haha, sup man? Nothing fun is happening right now since Nem is online and you aren't... I would bother him myself about his... strange acts a couple days ago... but, what fun is it doing it by myself? Haha, if you read this Nem, JK. Haha, well anyway, I'll talk to ya later man. C ya.