The Supers were a great idea in that they usually meant you couldn't stalk around in the back waiting for other... read more

I think PSASBR could do with a lot more modes. I hate to compare it to SSB, but SSB totally annihilates All-Stars... read more

Alpha and Bravo seem very like Salem and Rios. I'd say that there will be the odd dark humour every now and again,... read more

Looking at the picture, I thought this was going to be a Lego game based on some 80s cartoon. read more

Goodbye! Old friend! One more console in the Playstation family that fades out of existence. At least I still have... read more

But... XIV is out now. Odd, but nice that they're still supporting that community I suppose. read more

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Yes I have a mac. I don't mind downloading something as long as it's legit. I'm very untrusting of anything else. read more

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JacqueseVonRIP gathering you followed the tag underneath my name ? Join usssss . Read the...
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No, LoL is a free to play game. You can choose to pay if you'd like.
Oh, that's pretty cool. read more

I hope we get to start off as the old, weak, grey Dracul and slowly become stronger over the game. There's one thing... read more

I never played the first, but I wonder if they'll use more X-Kaliber 2097 sprites. read more

To be honest, I'm not really sure I could even be bothered with the GotY Edition. read more

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I don't think my PS3 could handle the extra stuff on my current main save. I'm at about 9.5MB, I haven't even... read more

Oh... I guess these things happen when you spend more time playing with the camera than listening to all the details read more

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Course i shouldn't, it's illegal, but people break the law everyday. I suppose you're gonna give me the...
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Lore inconsistency! If the Dragonborn is destined to destroy Alduin then how can there be more than one? Nice try... read more

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I'll likely obtain it in a less than legal way...
You shouldn't do that. read more