Amazing. But what's up with Gabriel's scream in the trailer version of the epilogue? It sounds... read more

I've heard people say the little boy is supposed to be Trevor, but I wonder if it is actually... read more

Wait, I have to beat Demon's Souls still. Then Dark Souls, and then this one. read more

changed his avatar to avatar

So if you wanted to develop games for PlayStation, whether big or indie, the Unity engine is your best bet? read more

This reminds me of the time I never got all that DLC I was supposed to get with Dragon Age: Origins. What a gyp! read more

Ok, thank you. If they ever do make a new AoE game I would love to see it set in Medieval times again.

By the... read more

Ms Sung, there is a video to go with this announcement. Salem and Rios are both in it, at they both look like... read more

The differences between the original and HD don't seem all that different. I think I was expecting something a bit... read more

Even though I don't plan on getting these characters because I never got into God of War or played Dead Space, I... read more

When I heard the voice of the guy with the awesome red mask, I was going to say "Looks like Elliot Salem is back"...... read more

I'm still waiting for the PS2 titles to come out on the PS store. I never got to play them. read more