I think they both look similar - black and blocky. read more

Maybe it's just because I was younger and everything was so new, but the PS1 and PS2 were my favourite generations. read more

It's an issue because even the PS1 lets you listen to audio CDs. Pretty stupid to be honest. read more

likes Myasho's status update: "Back for the first time in 2 years. WOO."

That's a good point AC, but if you're not careful the minority could get power mad. read more

We're no different from anything else on the Earth really. Are you telling me animals wouldn't do... read more

I never played LoL, but I remember I spent a few hours looking at the different champions, and... read more

I never bothered with these games. Is SWAPFORCE a reboot in the sense that all older characters... read more

changed his avatar to avatar
changed his custom title to "Terrifying"
changed his avatar to avatar

Watching the trailer again, it seems like the soundtrack will be generic symphonic music. I wish... read more

"What have you done with my game degenerates? You had no right!"
"What we have bought we can also... read more

His hood also has that weird triangular thing that seems to come out of the top of the hood... read more

Can anyone tell me what's up with the assassin's creed looking guy? Is that an actual style, or is... read more

The game looks ugly? Is that because it's not realistic looking? Same as above, this is the only... read more

GTAV sounds pretty good, but I don't really like being the bad guy. I want to be the policeman. read more

quote Zombie_Barioth
Don't worry about it, your rant shored up my point about Mulan.
She didn't...
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