Watching the trailer again, it seems like the soundtrack will be generic symphonic music. I wish... read more

"What have you done with my game degenerates? You had no right!"
"What we have bought we can also... read more

His hood also has that weird triangular thing that seems to come out of the top of the hood... read more

Can anyone tell me what's up with the assassin's creed looking guy? Is that an actual style, or is... read more

The game looks ugly? Is that because it's not realistic looking? Same as above, this is the only... read more

GTAV sounds pretty good, but I don't really like being the bad guy. I want to be the policeman. read more

quote Zombie_Barioth
Don't worry about it, your rant shored up my point about Mulan.
She didn't...
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I asked why Inafune wasn't allowed to make Mega Man games, and I was told it was due to poor sales. read more

likes longview01's status update: "loungin...home the over sensitive and the namby pamby..pathetic"

quote Zombie_Barioth
Exactly, thats what I've been saying. She keeps moving the target everytime...
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How come Capcom wouldn't let him make another Mega Man game? I know they have the rights, but I... read more

I just got around to watching her latest video. Seems to me like the woman is never pleased. Even... read more

changed his avatar to avatar

There are plenty of stereotype characters from all walks of life, and women aren't always... read more

quote Duncan Idaho
Xenoblade which is a game that has at least half that worth of play time has an...
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quote Dilute
Yeah, I agree! Would make more female fans out
I didn't even think of it that way. I... read more