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If you look closely it's actually a man wearing coat made out of a bear. As for the...
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I'm going to call BS on this. I don't know why. I hate when characters are cut from games. read more

Excuse me, but to me it seems silly having 2 versions of the one game, Why did they do that?... read more

Eh, the characters don't look all that interesting. Hooded rogue, attractive amazon warrior, and... read more

Actually, in the case of indie devs, I can think it makes sense why they would leave it. As has... read more

I don't play it much anyway. I'm on PS3 and I just play when I'm kind of bored. It's a time... read more

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Crash and Spyro never got sold off though....
Iirc Universal(Activision) always owned...
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Whenever I see companies or people sell of a beloved character or franchise, I'm always quite... read more

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While kinda-sorta fun Sims 4 is still very lack luster compared to previous...
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Pretty good trailer. Kind of makes me wonder if I should have bought some of these games. Also,... read more

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Going to sleep. Tell me when Mafia starts

True. I don't even bother with Xtreme Legends anymore. The Empires games all seem to be in... read more

likes MystkMat's status update: "Logged into this account after maybe 6 years gone? What an idiotic child I was."

Oh I forgot to mention Klonoa and Ape Escape. Excuse the double post. read more

Ha ha ha. Another game getting the musou treatment. What could possibly be next? Final Fantasy?... read more

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