Wait. Is this a re-release, or is it a slightly updated version? Either way, these days I find... read more

I never played this game when I was younger because I thought it looked silly. But I regret not... read more

LOL I am only now beginning to understand why everyone calls it XBone. Damn, I'm slow some times. read more

Sorry for the double post, but here's another reason. Think about what else they could have been... read more

quote kuje
Why should it matter how long it takes? The developers seem to think it's worth it and...
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It's a way off though, so I wouldn't worry. This and LBP3 are the 2 games that would encourage me... read more

I'm not big into fighting games, but this looks impressive. I really like the visuals and music. I... read more

Haha Yes, this looks amazing. Even the sounds of the enemy. I'm guessing those little grey guys... read more

I admit that the video looked pretty interesting, but there are 2 things that really get me.

"We... read more

Sometimes I'm surprised they didn't just dump FFXV by now. It's been dragged out long enough.... read more