Aug 02, 15 6:17pm

I'm going to keep calling her Aeris anyway. When any of the characters call her Aerith, I'm just... read more

Jul 26, 15 4:29pm

quote Duncan Idaho
It won't be, its pretty obvious, it also contradicts the lore of the 2nd game,...
read more

Jun 27, 15 1:50pm

I consider this score to be generous. read more

Jun 27, 15 1:39pm

"offensive and mean-spirited"

When has that ever been an excuse to censor games in the past? There... read more

Jun 27, 15 1:31pm
re: Food.

I agree. It's been so long since I was here, I had no idea what someone was commenting on my... read more

Jun 08, 15 6:50pm
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Jun 08, 15 6:01pm

Demon's Souls
Dark Souls
Dark Souls II
Dark Souls III

Am I the only one noticing a poorly... read more

May 29, 15 3:54pm
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Feb 01, 15 2:44pm

Someday Lego will take advantage of its own creativity and possibly release a unique game again. read more

Dec 08, 14 11:46am
started a discussion titled "Did anybody buy this game?" in LittleBigPlanet 3
Dec 08, 14 11:43am

Very nice. I doubt I'll have a PS4 by the time it comes out though. I like the atmosphere they have going though. read more

Nov 17, 14 8:30am

You can get mods for Wii, but not for PlayStation? How does that work? Huh. read more

Nov 15, 14 7:30pm

quote Epoch
I cant believe it.... I just don't believe... they left that car behind.
Not forever... read more

Nov 15, 14 7:29pm

If anyone left my Inquisition, I would kill them. How is an Inquisition supposed to function,... read more

Nov 14, 14 9:12pm

"This is a work in progress."

Believe me, we know. Still, the game looks amazing from the videos... read more

Nov 10, 14 11:21am

I didn't know he was getting abuse too. That's sad. Now I really understand why he wanted out. read more

Nov 08, 14 6:03pm

Why are they putting Miis into all these games anyway? Does that not annoy people? read more

Nov 08, 14 2:28pm

Maybe I just don't understand it, but am I the only one who sees these amiibo things as a bit of a... read more

Nov 05, 14 9:28am

I didn't enjoy DA:O when I got it. You couldn't zoom out to control your people like on PC so it... read more

Nov 04, 14 7:01pm
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Nov 04, 14 4:48pm

I hardly think you can compare this game to WoW. The fighting is done quite differently. read more

Nov 03, 14 11:31am
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