*starts video*
Me: Huh. Volume seems awfully low. Better put it up to full.
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I just sent a letter to SSM. Now I'm going to wait for a reply. It should come any minute now. read more

Actually, I know this is going to sound stupid and childish but, does anyone know if there is any... read more

quote Shaun
I reckon this is a good fresh start of this game. Superbot was sorta meh to begin with....
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What do you mean? It's possible to avoid Supers, which is what can annoy people. That's what I was... read more

Slash Ha ha SuperBot is looong dead.

The idea of Super Kills was a risk. They tried to make it so... read more

Hi everyone,

Is it okay if I shamelessly promote a thread I made attacking what I felt made the... read more

Ha ha This is pretty much how I feel. It's nice they're still looking after it, but I'm not really... read more

I don't mean to sound harsh, but if this game had a large budget then where did it all go? The... read more