Someday Lego will take advantage of its own creativity and possibly release a unique game again. read more

Very nice. I doubt I'll have a PS4 by the time it comes out though. I like the atmosphere they have going though. read more

quote Epoch
I cant believe it.... I just don't believe... they left that car behind.
Not forever... read more

If anyone left my Inquisition, I would kill them. How is an Inquisition supposed to function,... read more

"This is a work in progress."

Believe me, we know. Still, the game looks amazing from the videos... read more

I didn't know he was getting abuse too. That's sad. Now I really understand why he wanted out. read more

Why are they putting Miis into all these games anyway? Does that not annoy people? read more

Maybe I just don't understand it, but am I the only one who sees these amiibo things as a bit of a... read more

I didn't enjoy DA:O when I got it. You couldn't zoom out to control your people like on PC so it... read more

I hardly think you can compare this game to WoW. The fighting is done quite differently. read more

likes Throe's status update: "If you're reading this, is already too late! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Oh right. Whatever I did was completely unintentional, but thanks read more

Oh ha ha. Maybe it's because of the shadowing I did on the eyes? I was trying to make it look like... read more

I didn't even know you could comment on avatars. That's odd. My avatar isn't 3D though. I'm pretty... read more

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No, it doesn't. He's just another jackass creating an account to advertise something. It's why he only has 1 post. read more

DLC already? Shocking, just shocking.

"everyone's favorite Zelda/Dynasty Warriors hybrid"
Huh? read more

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