I'm wondering if someone can explain this Dark Souls 2 phenomenon to me. Most of the time when I level up the increase in

I've been thinking of working on a fan-fiction for fun. As you can guess it's based on Orcs. However, I don't rea

I'm someone who really enjoyed Lords of Shadows in pretty much every way, but unfortunately Lords of Shadow 2 didn't

I apologise if this has been made already. I tried searching and found nothing. Basically mention any funny or otherwise inte

Is it just me or does this game have a hell of a lot of bonfires? I suppose it sort of makes sense considering how quickly eq

http://www.polygon.com/2014/1/28/5353680/father-of-the-playstation-ken-kutaragi-receiving-lifetime-achievement Ken Kutaragi

Considering everything that's going on at the moment, how does the regular Irish person find out the cost of Dail Eireann

LOL look at this forums page!
I used to take an arrow in the knee, but then I Woah oh oh aaah ah ah aaaah ha ah ah aaaaah
He's a little dote

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