So this isn't really news as such, but I have come across some new information about the game that seems pretty exciting!

I haven't used either a whole lot but I have two things - GIMP and Inkscape. GIMP is like Photoshop, and Inkscape... I gu

Hi everyone. So the reason that I'm making this thread, despite the fact that I have a way to go yet, is because the DW f

With all the characters in DW you would think Koei would have more multiplayer modes for the game. I heard XL has new challen

I'm just thinking about this. When you've played through each level enough times it starts to become a bit stale. Do

I'm wondering if someone can explain this Dark Souls 2 phenomenon to me. Most of the time when I level up the increase in

I've been thinking of working on a fan-fiction for fun. As you can guess it's based on Orcs. However, I don't rea

I'm someone who really enjoyed Lords of Shadows in pretty much every way, but unfortunately Lords of Shadow 2 didn't

I apologise if this has been made already. I tried searching and found nothing. Basically mention any funny or otherwise inte

Is it just me or does this game have a hell of a lot of bonfires? I suppose it sort of makes sense considering how quickly eq Ken Kutaragi

Considering everything that's going on at the moment, how does the regular Irish person find out the cost of Dail Eireann

LOL look at this forums page!
I used to take an arrow in the knee, but then I Woah oh oh aaah ah ah aaaah ha ah ah aaaaah
He's a little dote

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