I can't remember where I saw this suggestion. It might have been on Neo, Youtube, or several different places. Anyway, as

Has there ever been a game where one day you stop playing it and just never go back to it for some reason? Or maybe you just

This has always been a problem, but I never posted about it before. The first problem is how damn small some things are on th

I started thinking about this yesterday when playing a free online game, but I know I've seen it in proper games before t

Going to sleep. Tell me when Mafia starts

This popped into my head while I was on the PS store recently. I was looking at new games, and one of them was (I think) Lego

Ok, so this is actually in relation to a specific game, though it could apply to others as well. The LBP series is known to a

Sackboy now has 3 new friends. So, who do you like most? Or do you like anyone the most? I realise the game isn't out yet

Does anyone know how this might work? I've heard the game is backwards compatible, but how will it work going from PS3 to

I was looking through some old documents on my computer today when I discovered something I did some time ago. It was a rando

So this isn't really news as such, but I have come across some new information about the game that seems pretty exciting!

I haven't used either a whole lot but I have two things - GIMP and Inkscape. GIMP is like Photoshop, and Inkscape... I gu

With all the characters in DW you would think Koei would have more multiplayer modes for the game. I heard XL has new challen

I'm just thinking about this. When you've played through each level enough times it starts to become a bit stale. Do

I'm wondering if someone can explain this Dark Souls 2 phenomenon to me. Most of the time when I level up the increase in

I've been thinking of working on a fan-fiction for fun. As you can guess it's based on Orcs. However, I don't rea

I'm someone who really enjoyed Lords of Shadows in pretty much every way, but unfortunately Lords of Shadow 2 didn't

I apologise if this has been made already. I tried searching and found nothing. Basically mention any funny or otherwise inte

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