I love peep show, and especially a charachter from within the programme, called. Super Hans. Here are some classic quotes -

- "Jesus is the best person to sell your soul too. Thats his whole, set-up."

- "This crack is really more-ish"

- "Thats one serious caffine injection my friend."

- "Excutioners bong did a Jesus fest, now they all live in a *bleep* off bungalow in Fort Lordadale, sipping whisky and banging cheerleaders."

- "Nice packet of crunchy nut. Expensive, if i recall."

- "The secret ingredient is crime."

- "Love to mate, love to, but this is mine, and i want it all."

- "Dont say crack, 'cause i love crack, and you saying crack, makes me wanna' have, crack."

- "This is raw, who is this? Is this us?"

- "The big beat manifesto goes 'Big beats are best. Get high all the time.'"

- "He's in a K-Hole right now, but in 10, when the speed kicks in. Can of coke and a ciggy, he'll be right as rain!"


I am very quirky in my tastes, such as fashion, comedy and food.

I like awkward silences, and times where you can coin the phrase 'Wow...Well this is *bleep*ing brutal!'

I generally like edgy comedy, and sometimes am prone to making things that are meant to be taken seriously and not joked about, and turning that into a joke. Normally this involves dead celebrities or babies. Yes. I am probably going to hell.


Taking different roads
Then love, love will tear us apart again
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