Guitarists own! So do Green Day and Offspring and BadReligion.

The World you get's the one you give away...
it all just happens again, way down the line.
We haven't talked in quite a while. What happened to our lengthy discussions over beer and other matters? You don't seem to be on AIM much either. Well, I hope we can talk soon. Later.
glad to see you're back
BTW Rama is back too (though not as a member)
and while you're here, check out my stamp:
I bet you've forgotten about MMEEEEE!!!

YEAH!!! Insanity is bliss...HAPPY ST.PATTY'S DAY!!!!
what's up
how come we haven't seen you anymore for a long time in the jak3 forum ?
nor anywere else
ah well, I guess you've got other things to do

Hi, just signing your book. Be stamped.

By the way, I have signed up to your forums under the username A$$A$$IN.
Thanks for stopping by to sign my guestbook. No I'm sorry we ain't sure if Nessie exists. Well anyway enjoy.

Hey JTB, I was just reading your profile and I really want to know how old you are, plz tell me! Oh and thanks for signing my guest book we should PM eachother more often
Thanks for singing my guestbook. I wish there were some more fans of the type of music we like. You should send me a PM sometime. But I'll see you later.


Just saw you on the zelda forum so i decided to sing your guestbook (i'm pretty bored right now)
I really need to get a stamp oh well.
Sign my G-book now i've signed yours
I saw you in the Mivies forum and Figured I would sign your guestbook... So yeah... Why don't ya return the favor? Thats all.
I saw you in the boards soo i dicided to sign you'r Guestbook,well, STAMP!!!!
The subject speaks for itself.Thanks for singing my GB way back.Never got the time to sign yours until now.It's been great talking to you in the PMs and on AIM.Hope you still have your internet connection intact.

hey jack!
thx 4 signing my guestbook...just realised i had one hehehe...and god it's depressing. oh well. cheers, mate.
Hi JTB! Thanks for signin my guessbook.^__^ Since you're a Rikku lover, here!

Hope u like it.Cya!


Was up Jack. Just signing showing off my new stamp. Ya like. Let's talk more. C ya later.
Grrrrrrrreetings! Thanks for signing my guestbook, and for the wishing-of-luck-in-the-FFX2-forum (???)! LOL. Great to see yet another fan of Cowboy Bebop floating around here as well. Stay cool and all that jazz, cheers!

"I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass." -Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
Hey, JackTB I told you I'd sign your guestbook a long time ago but I haven't. ¬¬

Sorry. But I am now.

(I need to get a guestbook stamp...)
yea...I do look like rikku pr some ppl think so.. are u the one who lieks rikku so much? I can't member! e-mail me sometime! or add me to MSN! thanx

--rachel or rikku07
I'm guessin u like rikku a lot! lol! then check out my profile! hehe! I have a bunch of pics of her if u want some but I think I can only send them on e-mail! well since u don't know me I guess u'll just have to look at my profile haha! I'm 14 by the and a girl! haha! ppl tell me I look like rikku and I'm just now gettin on the FFX and X-2 forums it's amazing how much ppl like her! I thought I was the only rikku fanatic! haha! well sign my guestbook! ttyl
rikku07 AKA Rachel

Pave the Rain Forests.
Spread Toxic Waste.
Kill the Whales.

Sup Bandit Boy. Thanks for helping me on the Jak II forum and for being an Anti-XBOX pimp. I noticed some of the things in your profile are pretty funny too. See ya! "Just remember kids, if the government doesn't know about, it's not illegal!"

Peace, Beers, Bug Lamp.
Well, since I see ya a lot around the Jak II forum, I thought I'd sign your guestbook. Good luck with the Blow up the Eco Wells mission. See ya around the Jak II forum.

You really love Rikku, don't ya?
I'll just post this up for ya.

thanks for signing my guestbook,I see you moved bed.

here's sumthin to keep u amused

look down

look up