wow! man its like been forever since i last talked to u! so ill make it up by signing ur GB

hope to hear from u soon
Just wanna sign your guestbook, since you signed mine(the first person to ever sign mine, Thanks!!)...Thanks for making me those two banners for me! ...I'ss probaly request more since I suck at making my own, Lol!...You a good friend...see you around!

Btw, I liked that Neji banner you made!

Thanks for signing Hope you like my stamp ^^

Just thought I should say that I added your msn so you don't get all freaked out when you don't recognize the adress =>.

Hugs and Kisses Xtrordinary
hey i know this is the second time ive signed you guestbook but im required too since im a slave. being a slave is hard . just kiddin. it isnt that hard.
Hey JT, haven't spoken to you in ages... but anyway have a good Crimbo and New Year!

hi JT!!! thanks for making me the banner (your not done with it yet i know but i bet itll look cool !!!)and here is my stamp...

cool! this is linkdude signing off your guestbook!
And I owned you bad =]

thanks 4 signing im bored too lol maybe u would enjoy a good laugh

and look what i made! (credit goes to joke for the pics) but credit goes to ME for the sayings! hope u like them

Hi JT, well like you said, its been a while since we've talked... well ill pm you^_^. Meanwhile, have a stamp:

hey thought id give ur guest book some puppy power.......cute eh?

sign back^_^

im signing your GB cause you signed mine.

Told you I would give credit! Thanks for the banner JT. I guess I know who to call next time I need a banner huh? Lol.
I really love you, you're a great guy.
hey i thought i would sign your guestbook cause i like to do that so if you wanna sometime you can sign my guestbook.harvestmoon_fan2013
Hey there man. I thought Id drop by and sign your guestbook because you did such an awesome job on my banner. Thanks a lot, its really great and I really appreciate it.
I see you signed my book two days AFTER my birthday... Thanx anyway, i appreciate it.

Just for you:




<3 You! ^^

Thanks for signing my Guestbook... well.... uhh.... okayyy .....ttyl with PMs... maybe if u wanna... i hope you do... dot have a stamp
hey hows it goin neofriend? anyways heres a stamp i made.

Hey hey Signing back after like a year lol, what happened was when I was 13 and I was in high school I actually skipped grade 4 ^^, causing me to get into high school hope you have a great year and see you around!


Thanks for signing my guestbook! Sorry it took ME so long to get back online...

Anywhoo... I apreciate it


I'm watching you...

haha have a great year.... and stuff.... well this sucks that you need a certain amount of letters...
you signed me guest boook so here its not much but have fun try out neopets some time!
Just wanted to sign you GB, you know christmas spirit and all :

You have been wished a Merry Christmas by
*Drum Roll*
~*Cute Phantasy*~