pet dreamer JT2200
Oct 18, 07 5:18am
wow! man its like been forever since i last talked to u! so ill make it up by signing ur GB

hope to hear from u soon
Naruto Ball Z JT2200
Aug 20, 07 8:44am
Just wanna sign your guestbook, since you signed mine(the first person to ever sign mine, Thanks!!)...Thanks for making me those two banners for me! ...I'ss probaly request more since I suck at making my own, Lol!...You a good friend...see you around!

Btw, I liked that Neji banner you made!

cherry_seasons JT2200
Aug 18, 07 5:58pm
Thanks for signing Hope you like my stamp ^^

Xtrordinary JT2200
Jun 04, 07 10:35am
Just thought I should say that I added your msn so you don't get all freaked out when you don't recognize the adress =>.

Hugs and Kisses Xtrordinary
linkdude JT2200
Jan 13, 07 7:05pm
hey i know this is the second time ive signed you guestbook but im required too since im a slave. being a slave is hard . just kiddin. it isnt that hard.
Matt J JT2200
Dec 22, 06 6:11pm
Hey JT, haven't spoken to you in ages... but anyway have a good Crimbo and New Year!

linkdude JT2200
Nov 04, 06 8:47am
hi JT!!! thanks for making me the banner (your not done with it yet i know but i bet itll look cool !!!)and here is my stamp...

cool! this is linkdude signing off your guestbook!
stibul JT2200
Jul 22, 06 3:04pm
And I owned you bad =]

pet dreamer JT2200
Jun 16, 06 9:16pm
thanks 4 signing im bored too lol maybe u would enjoy a good laugh

and look what i made! (credit goes to joke for the pics) but credit goes to ME for the sayings! hope u like them

Matt J JT2200
Jun 16, 06 5:00pm
Hi JT, well like you said, its been a while since we've talked... well ill pm you^_^. Meanwhile, have a stamp:

pet dreamer JT2200
Jun 02, 06 6:21pm
hey thought id give ur guest book some puppy power.......cute eh?

sign back^_^

tornjinx JT2200
Jun 02, 06 5:38pm
im signing your GB cause you signed mine.

X3 reincarnated JT2200
May 31, 06 3:38am
Told you I would give credit! Thanks for the banner JT. I guess I know who to call next time I need a banner huh? Lol.
kanye_west JT2200
May 16, 06 2:44pm
I really love you, you're a great guy.
harvestmoon_fan2013 JT2200
May 12, 06 2:21am
hey i thought i would sign your guestbook cause i like to do that so if you wanna sometime you can sign my guestbook.harvestmoon_fan2013
Goyun SSJ15 JT2200
Apr 22, 06 3:56pm
Hey there man. I thought Id drop by and sign your guestbook because you did such an awesome job on my banner. Thanks a lot, its really great and I really appreciate it.
Sonic Ultra JT2200
Mar 25, 06 7:16am
I see you signed my book two days AFTER my birthday... Thanx anyway, i appreciate it.
kanye_west JT2200
Feb 12, 06 7:14am

Just for you:




<3 You! ^^

Born Confused JT2200
Jan 25, 06 4:16am
Thanks for signing my Guestbook... well.... uhh.... okayyy .....ttyl with PMs... maybe if u wanna... i hope you do... dot have a stamp
Jaw7765 JT2200
Jan 25, 06 3:58am
hey hows it goin neofriend? anyways heres a stamp i made.

Jan 18, 06 1:59am
Hey hey Signing back after like a year lol, what happened was when I was 13 and I was in high school I actually skipped grade 4 ^^, causing me to get into high school hope you have a great year and see you around!


Sunstone JT2200
Jan 17, 06 1:21am
Thanks for signing my guestbook! Sorry it took ME so long to get back online...

Anywhoo... I apreciate it


I'm watching you...
Vito JT2200
Jan 13, 06 9:17am

haha have a great year.... and stuff.... well this sucks that you need a certain amount of letters...
gama the 1st JT2200
Jan 07, 06 9:57am
you signed me guest boook so here its not much but have fun try out neopets some time!
Cute Phantasy JT2200
Dec 21, 05 12:42am
Just wanted to sign you GB, you know christmas spirit and all :

You have been wished a Merry Christmas by
*Drum Roll*
~*Cute Phantasy*~