when will u guys Online?hn... it woulkd be nice chat with u all guys.. im in indonesia
gmt 7
where are you all???
I dunbno it must take long write

.from a // friend »

hey i seen you in the final fanstay forum good luck man please sign my guestbook bac

like the banner

pm bac if you like it
Great to have you back in the forum! Sorry I don't have a cool FFT banner to stamp into your guestbook, but here's the bare minimum...

[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QADbAksTBnLG2h*Ozi2a3sUktMpMzi2biw21eMqeCVLqv*SG1KiURLMhfGzYV6UGe9csOp!6mZj9y7VvjLgseqmZEiYm7r70AAAAAPBv7Q4/stamp1.jpg?dc=4675402288326163306[/img] See you around.

you said you need some idead's about your neo home? just look at other people and see what you like about their's and then take wut you like then add to your's. but dont take everything. if you wanna see mine go ahead i just finished mine
Hey I got bored so I thought I would be the first to sign heh heh j/k. Well just saying whats up, later and support Final Fantasy Tactics.