I think I'm a quite serious person but I can be quite (very) funny person

I like most things that others like I can sorta change my intrests randomly so I'm quite a strange person so nobody really knows what I'm thinking...unless they know me super mega a lot

I'm the worst person at art, I cant even draw a stick person without it being freaky but I'm amazing at maths, science and english, I can speak french, spanish, German and Japanese (well am learning to speak japanese)

I like reviewing things to make sure I'm right all the time. I love acting amd singing

And thus brings us to to the end of my story and no I'm not dead or dieing =(


My favoroite music type is pop =).I love animals whatever they are if there exotic or normal

my favourite games are:


animal crossing
zelda the windwaker
zelda ocorina of time
the sims
harvest moon


the sims 2 castaway
shin megami tensei:Digital Devil Saga
shin megami tensei:Digital Devil Saga 2
the sims 2 pets


animal crossing wild world
mario and sonic olimpic games
mario cart DS
super mario DS


super paper mario
super mario galaxy
wii sports
cooking mama cook off
super smash bros brawl

Xbox 360

Kameo elements of power
Lost Planet
Assasins Creed
Dead or Alive 4


heavenly sword



Lucas main

Letz Brawl =D
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