Dec 10, 07 1:03am
Yo wassgoood? how you doin?? you play any GTA games?

[grand theft auto]

Well i have it and its pretty sick. GTA San Andreas crashed my bros computer so we have to use GTA Vice City. I hope we can get GTA 4 for the 360. idk why i am talking about gta with you becuase i dont know you but w.e im bored and ur sig said sign my guestbook so im like ehh what the heck!
Halowner JC1stTWIN
Dec 8, 07 9:15am

You've been Halo-owned

Hey, good times over at torterri while it lasted. Thought I'd sign your guestbook. If you wanna sign back click the stamp
Relient K JC1stTWIN
Dec 5, 07 5:47am
Merry Christmas jc1sttwin! Have a nice Holiday Season.
shrimp rock JC1stTWIN
Nov 27, 07 10:06am
Hi, how are ya going. I just thought I would sign your guest book and introduce myself. im Shrimp Rock.

well see ya around.
Remino52 JC1stTWIN
Oct 11, 07 2:28am
Have you ever made topics? Well I need to hit the hay soon so I to go, tootles. Oh...and if you made topics Pm me. See Ya......

Jul 30, 07 11:19pm
Hi I have seen you around the wii forums so I thought I'd sign your GB. Er what else can I say. Er em well bye I guess.

MAG Fry out.
Air Force 1s JC1stTWIN
Jul 24, 07 6:28pm
i forgot to sign back awhile ago, so here

8329993 93932 23-4990 239940390 23-209
Meteor Rogue JC1stTWIN
Jul 10, 07 11:20pm
Just decided to sign with a nice new Naruto pic(plus tha 1 you did), peace out and talk to ya later.

dragonluigi JC1stTWIN
Jul 4, 07 5:25pm

I just stamped your guest book
cycoclash25 JC1stTWIN
Jun 1, 07 5:54pm
ur my 6th sign back i think

i'd like to thank u for putting a big ass in my guest book :rooleyes: :sarcastic:

any way thanks for the singing


lol, don't have a stamp yet
Exile JC1stTWIN
May 27, 07 9:03am
I guess you didn't like the picture in the USA forum to much. I guess that leaves me to have to give you the famous Jespomo stamp. I am proud to say I have been stamped by it and was talking with him when he first made it.

Kingy JC1stTWIN
Apr 11, 07 1:12am
Hey, I've seen ya around in teh forums and I was just stampin by...

Mario_1 JC1stTWIN
Apr 10, 07 11:23pm
I'm not sure what stamp to put here, so... Here's my cat!

bad ass JC1stTWIN
Jan 8, 07 1:57am

Hiya! There's someone nice! I see you around so I thought I would post this to make your day! (Yes I am nice like that) so there you go!

Signed by bad ass <3/! (heart or exclamation mark depending on gender)

PS, signing back wouldnt hurt
Sonicflood JC1stTWIN
Dec 24, 06 5:23am
Yo. I saw you in the wii sports forum. Here's a pic.....

Sign my GB back. Well seeya around.
cycoclash25 JC1stTWIN
Dec 7, 06 7:48pm
hey, just say'n hi
did u say u make banners cuz i'd like one
i also need an easy way to make stamps without goin on photobuket or sumthin i need to sign up for.

u can sign back but no ones makn' ya
dabliharo JC1stTWIN
Dec 3, 06 9:45am


return the favor brother.
Supreme Wolverine JC1stTWIN
Aug 26, 06 7:32pm
I'm just goin around doin quick signs

goodbye buddy
DonCar JC1stTWIN
Aug 5, 06 6:37am

Well basiclly what I want to say is in the banner.Oh yeah I dont really like it because I did it in like 15 minutes.I am new to this stuff.Lol.Ok I think this is 125 characters now.Peace out, see ya around the forums.Pharrell is the shiznit!
Animosity JC1stTWIN
Aug 4, 06 5:06pm
hey seen a few posts from you in the music area of neo. Seen ur sig has Vida Guerra's great ass on it so i had sign your G/B as im a big fan of her myself.
four eyes JC1stTWIN
Jul 31, 06 8:54pm
What's up bro'? Forget the corny a$$ message I have a stamp.

heres something else

Your NeoFreind,
Lord Zere JC1stTWIN
Jul 28, 06 5:04pm
when ur on a ladder and u hear something splatter its diaria. when ur peeing and aintpee its diaria when u hear somebody shit there pant its diaria.
lil ff kid reborn JC1stTWIN
Jul 28, 06 5:32am
one of my favorite players

i can dunk like him and i'm only 6'0

sign back or join my forum

Glotnot JC1stTWIN
Jul 25, 06 7:48pm
Just signing because I've notced you around the SSBB forums... So anyways...

Your banner said sign, therefore I must obey...


Ness Master Myk JC1stTWIN
Jul 15, 06 3:13pm
hey there, i'm signing ur guestbook, as it sez 2, lol, i go by the name myk, pronounced mike, but u can juz call me ness, or anything really, frankly i dont mind, hehehe well cya round.