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Dec 12, 06 10:49am
Awesome game but.... EW SERGE! you'd have to be my friend to get it! ChronoCross
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  • "I do like this game, but it takes a lot of getting used to. I like the music and graphics in particular. 4.25/5 stars. ChronoCross"
    alphador Aug 19, 11 8:57am
  • "This game kinda sucks, but I've beaten it twice now. ChronoCross"
    Logan Feb 20, 11 3:05pm
  • "I played this game while ago and it tempted me to try new game again like the old days. ChronoCross"
    TKuja May 1, 10 9:53am
  • "Like T. Princess, I only got to the part where the girl says you died at 7yrs., so in the beginning. Related to Chrono Trigger with... ChronoCross"
    Crazy_Person333 Mar 28, 10 6:51am
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