hhhrrrrnnnngghhh CAN'T WAIT FOR WORLD RELEASE!!!! MonsterHunterOnlineImport PC
GO SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jak's sidekick now kills bugs while jak is imprisoned Daxter PSP
The first part of the parasite eve series. ParasiteEve PSX
good story, battle system, rpg. not saying XenosagaEpisode1DerWilleZurMacht PS2
sequel. better graphics. new battle system XenosagaEpisode2JenseitsVonGutUndBose PS2
pilot giant robots to complete mission after mission as a mercenary ArmoredCore2AnotherAge PS2
The second of the God of War series I believe. GodOfWar2DivineRetribution PS2
An awesome game in the series. FinalFantasyX PS2
The second in Raziel's tale of revenge. you lose some powers and get new ones SoulReaver2 PS2
The first game in the famous Onimusha series. a dude with a sword that has the power of the oni and kills demons OnimushaWarlords PS2
A journey for the frozen flame ChronoCross PSX
The Final Fantasy game with many sequels. FinalFantasy7 PSX
A multiplayer fps game with lots of blood and gore. fast paced Quake3Revolution PS2
The events before Raziel's . BloodOmen2 PS2
The second game in the Onimusha series. Onimusha2SamuraisDestiny PS2
Dante or the new Lucia. Both with mysterious powers DevilMayCry2 PS2
some kind of creature with a robot backpack and wrench and lots of firepower. go planet to planet RatchetandClank PS2


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