Occasional slowdown and quite some effort into making the controls work. Otherwise very cinematic game and a very worthwhile online mode. GoldenEye007 Wii
The conduit is hands down the best fps in regards to control second only to Prime 3. TheConduit Wii
Excellent game, controls take a bit getting used to but once you do. oh boy! ResidentEvil4HD X360
Shooting "Mutants" in the face never gets old. Specially when you suffer like G did. TheHouseOfTheDead PC
This chapter is more focused on grinding and to tie the old game with the new. GuildWarsEyeOfTheNorth PC
Nice comeback from factions. Nice new features and great story. GuildWarsNightfall PC
Unlike the previous installment the story is lacking. This chapter focused more on the PvP side of the game. GuildWarsFactions PC
An different MMO with a good story and good replay value. I must have been dreaming the past 5 years. GuildWars PC
My favorite rail shooter series on a console that has a lightgun collection spanning and endless choice. No more arcade visits for this guy. TheHouseOfTheDead2and3Return Wii
Brutal slaughtering and ruthless butchering. An gore filled game that feels epically brutal. Controls are a bit lacking. MadWorld Wii
First 3d platformer that actually worked for me, like many new games its a tad too easy. The final battle and level design make up for it. SuperMarioGalaxy2 Wii
Rekindled my love for 2d platforming. Must have for fans of the old games. A tad easy and short though. NewSuperMarioBrosWii Wii
Not the best game in the series in terms of content, certainly improved controls alot, which in turn allows for more "agile" monsters. MonsterHunterTri Wii
Best metroid games i've ever played. Nuff sed. MetroidPrimeTrilogy Wii
I'm not a huge fan of racing, but this game had me hooked for a week. Now i play is casually. MarioKartWii Wii
Pretty fun game, lacks polish though. Plenty of glitches and the maps are just too dark at times. LEGOHarryPotterYears14 PC
Beware, this game will rip your mother ****ing balls off D: TheHouseOfTheDeadOverkill Wii
Finished the game a few days ago, though the end boss seems misplaced it works out for the best. Time to master Challange mode. DeadSpaceExtraction PS3
Intresting game, not really my style but fun nonetheless. MetroidPrimeTrilogy Wii
Good game, but doesnt have the feel of the old games. TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess GC

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