You want my Biography, you say? Well, all you need to know is this:

I am an Elite Zucchini Warrior Commando. I work for the Zuccini Warrior Sect of the Veggie Personel Destroyers, or VPD. If you make me angry, I will call my Zucchini Brethren upon you. They will use their Zucchini Bazookas to blow you to smithren. Since I am such a high-ranking officer, I have a codename, like all self-respecting high-ranking officers should. It is **********. I know they are all asterixes! If I told you my codename, it wouldn't really be a codename anymore, would it?


My Favourite game of all time is Golden Sun: The Lost Age. My second favourite game is Golden Sun. Notice a theme? Other things I do are play soccer, read, and do schoolwork (At least, during the school year). I mostly like sci-fi and fantasy novels like The Wheel of Time or Star Wars and Star Trek books. Anyway, thanks for reading my little rant.
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