Ah, a beautiful game and story. I love playing through all the maps on hard. Even knowing what's next its still not easy. FireEmblemPathOfRadiance GC
Ah, a fun game. The split makes it a bit more enjoyable on later playthroughs. FireEmblemTheSacredStones GBA
A truly unqiue game. Not other game could ever pull it off without being compared to it and falling short. A true work of art. ShadowOfTheColossus PS2
Improving on the basse game, only made it better. My only flaw was if you had a prior 3 file. You were far to strong. Making it easy.... Persona3FES PS2
A fast paced hectic Tatical game with a brutal learning curve. The beautiful art and music, along with a capturing story however make it... KnightsInTheNightmare DS
I haven't really played enough yet to have a strong opinon, but its learning curve is steep. EternalPoison PS2
I got distracted by another DS game that I got not long after so I haven't given this game enough attention yet. FinalFantasyTacticsA2GrimoireOfTheRift DS
A little more stressful than Dual Strike, but I still found myself relaxing into playing into the game, despite the harder sections. AdvanceWarsDaysOfRuin DS
Fixing some little bits from the first one, it makes me want to sing from the rooftops. I love this game even more. EtrianOdyssey2HeroesOfLagaard DS
A nice mystery thriller that is an interesting take from the prior installment in the series. Persona4 PS2
I love this game. The no name no face characters make you project your own personas onto them creating a game unique to each player. EtrianOdyssey DS
Its fun seeing our favorite series characters all fighting together. Its like every fans dream. ChaosWars PS2
...A step back. They put back a lot of annoying things from the first one but in some cases made them even worse. I have nothing else to... HackGUVol3Redemption PS2
A masterful game. In characters, story, growth, the way the characters all grow together. The almost human quality to them. I love this... Persona3 PS2
A solid game, flaws here and tehre but all games have those, and these aren't so disrupting that you're unable to play the game. HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
Improving on the formula without making it dull is tough with a series as unique as Wild ARMs, but they did it beautifully. WildARMs5 PS2
If OoT isn't number 1 to me this is. I haven't enjoyed a boss fight so much as I did in this game. I probably never will again. TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess GC
Fixes a lot of annoying little flaws that Vol. 1 had. Seeing these little fixes really pulled the whole feel of the game together to me. HackGUVol2Reminisce PS2
The mask system left a strong impression on me its imagination kept the whole thing from falling apart. TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask N64
Truly one of if not THE best Zelda game in my eyes. I need not say more. TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime N64

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