Looking for a few ifems which will be lisfed below, i have shinies for trade. All are flawless with the right iv spread and

We all know that Steven is a stone collector who searches for rare stones... Rare stones such as megastones. Do you think th

One of the main reasons that i loved Hoenn so much was the battle frontier. But, that was in Emerald, and in the "remak

So i haven't picked up 3U in the longest time, mostly because I have nothing else to do that I havent already. With no o


I made this team a while back, building off the core of Mega Manectric and Garchomp. Wondering what you guys think, it has b

Ive decided to build a rain team. My first ever, so leave any suggestions :) Politoed @Damp Rock Drizzle 252 hp, 132 de

I shall miss you, reading week :(

I've got a smeargle with Dark Void and is flawless, but currently my use for Smeargle is in singles, but I still need Da

I'm in desperate need of a Mandibuzz _with defog_. I will trade flawless shinies such as: Jolly 6 iv Kangaskhan (scra

Im in need of a Pokegenner. I have a KALOS BORN Bisharp with Sucker Punch Night Slash SD Iron head Is adamant with def

I've got some shinies for trade. All are competitive, flawless and shiny. Looking for flawless shiny timid or modest gard

New avatar, my favourite pokemon trainer, Red :]

I've got some shinies for trade. All are competitive, flawless and shiny. Looking for flawless shinies as well. Scra

Hey, i really need the manectric evolution stone. Im willing to trade one of the following: Tyranitarite Charizardite Y

UT Mawile Intimidate Adamant 5 iv flawless Shiny Metagross Clear Body Adamant 5 iv flawless Shiny Looking for

Mew is _ probably hacked _. It is jap, but has an english name. Looking for offers :)

Heatran is calm and level 100. Post your offers below :) Also looking for clone trades

Ive got a lot of flawless shinies for trade. Shiny Sylveon Modest Cute Charm 31/31/31/31/31/31 ** Shiny nicknameabl

Sylveon: Shiny, Pixilate 31/31/31/x/31/31 Bold Scizor Shiny, technician 31/31/31x/31/31 Adamant Ninetales: Sh


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