Maxpower6969 ItBeMe
Oct 18, 09 12:24pm
her is der flowrs i pik 4 u i hope ur lyk dem dey r brite and pritey like u
Speed Demon ItBeMe
Aug 20, 09 9:15pm
Hi IBM, Speed here...just wanted to let you know that you`ve been a great help to me in the re forums and of course was the first one to help me in my time of need.. anyway you`re an awesome person IBM, and dont you forget it!!
oh and i can`t wait to finish up the challenges:)

Best Regards,
Speed Demon
Ditnopota ItBeMe
Aug 2, 09 3:44am

You've been very helpful on the RE4 boards, and I can't wait to start the RE4 challenge .
Paper Fox ItBeMe
Jul 6, 09 2:27pm
Hey Tom, just letting you know that I think you are totally cute and awesome! You're my fave person on Neo. Thanks for everything
DarshD ItBeMe
May 22, 09 10:59am
Hi ItBeMe,
I am signing your guestbook because your an awesome neoseeker!
I want to thank you for your participation on [your forum posts are awesome!-THANKS for keeping forums on Neoseeker alive!]
Keep it up !
Also, thanks for signing my guestbook and visiting & commenting on my images!
Resident evil series rocks!
Best luck for your ARMY career, Soldier!
I feel lucky to have an awesome friend like you!
Lots of BEST wishes to you and your family!
Your Friend,
Maxpower6969 ItBeMe
Apr 5, 09 1:51am
n now u sine my gestbok ok easyworld look lyk a smal plase to liv. we hav a big car trak here wit monter trux i hav my own car 2 wot i compeet wit n i hav neba loosed a race