Sun Beer Music = :D
Luton's a complete shithole with too many retards and thieves
Ennio Morricone - The Maestro :D
The cool PC version of Medal of Honor. MedalOfHonorAlliedAssault PC
all time classic. one of my favourites. Hitman2SilentAssassin PC
my first ever horror game... mutant Nazis...., 8 out of 10. ReturnToCastleWolfensteinOperationResurrection PS2
the one that started it all.... classic game. MedalOfHonorFrontline PS2
kept losing on this one. good game tho. MedalOfHonorAlliedAssaultSpearhead PC
umm... its ok. i love the music and the Pearl Harbour levels. MedalOfHonorRisingSun Xbox
um... could've been better.... cool music tho. CallOfDutyFinestHour Xbox
the first and the all time classic call of duty. love it!! CallOfDutyFinestHour Xbox
6 out of 10. just a remake of Codename 47. HitmanContracts PS2
got this one for Christmas 2005. cool game. CallOfDuty2BigRedOne PS2
my second ever X360 game. LOVE IT!!! CallOfDuty2 PC
better than most Medal of Honors. MedalOfHonorAirborne PC
cool game. 7 out of 10. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
first game we played on the PS3. quite poor, boring game. ResistanceFallOfMan PS3
this one was great. 8 out of 10. CallOfDuty3 PS3
i love this one. better than COD3. CallOfDutyWorldAtWar PS3

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