Happy Holidays!

I had another stamp but this one is for dudes.

I felt like signing your guestbook, I just did, oh yeah, and I wanted to use my new stamp.

Anyways, nice to see you almost all the time in the Health and Fitness forum, nice journal by the way.

Keep it up!
hey, guess what, your username is my nickname in real life.............

just felt like saying that...........

like you even care. k bai now

ISH . . . . ... . .. . .. . . . . .. . . .. . .. . ... ... ... .. . . . .. . .. . .... . ... ... .. .. ... . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . . . .. ...... . . .. . . . .. . .. . . ... . . . . .. ... .. . .. ... .. . . .. .. . .. .. .......
Hey Ishy, Merry Crimbo to you dude! enjoy my sig or face the consequences !

See you around.


Merry Crimbo And A Happy New Year

hey there,
seen you around the forums loads so i thought i'd drop you a line while i was in the hood!lol, sign mine back please coz its looking a bit thin on the ground!,
PM me anytime:), later mate:D
As i see you are a fan of FM and you do a lot around the forums so I think it is onlyfair if I sign you're guestbook for all the help you have given me and others lease sign mine back
Tought I should sign your guestbook and spread the Leeds Utd message.
I know the stamp isn't great, but it's the best I could do!

Saw you about a few forums and you also support Liverpool witch is always a plus. You joined neo on my birthday aswell so that automatically makes you a legend. I'ma stamp you even tho I ain't got a clue what use stamps are...

yo man just taking the time to sign a great members g'book. your so helpful round the forums.

Hey, Ishy. Since we were some of the last brave men to hold the CM 03-04 forum alive and we're still among the coolest ones in FM06, I thought I have to sign your guestbook.

So, I'll be seeing you around. Whenever you need Manager-related help, you know the Warrior will be there.
Hi, I've seen you around the FM and football forums, and you like Stevenage, so I thought I'd sign your guestbook.

George Boyd
ok ima try "1337" talk

\/\/h4t th3 h377 4m i |)0i/\/g?

anyway, i seen you somewhere...somewhere...anyway, see you later. have no stamp so the signatures below me count as my stamp
ure always on the forums so im signing ure guestbook,anyways wot is fm 06 like im stuck wit fm 05
Rorzaar a.k.a powerhouse Darby a.k.a rorzaar
hi u alwys on forums , what team do you support? any way great posts in all the footbnall manager posts safe
Hi Ishy, you seem to be a FM regular lol. Seen you in the FM 05/06 forums, you seem cool. See ya later.
BTW what team do you support and where do you come from?
hey ive been talking to you on the fm 2005 forum and you seem to be a alrite person so im signing your guestbook and now it will get popular. Unlike mine . oh well speak to you soon
linkinparkrbest (aka: karl)
I talked to you on the FM 2005 message boards and proved someone was CHEATING! so I thought I would sign your guestbook to celebrate!
Hey, I've seen you a lot around the FM05, FM06 and Football forums, so I thought I'd be the first to sign your guestbook.