Sup, It's been awhile.
Love you.............................................................................................................

,Love Nem
...but you're the first one to teach me of forum knowledge and forum discipline, and until now I honor you, Snowfox Dreamer, a great moderator of Neoseeker. See you.
Put his feet in boiling water until they're cooked. starve him for a few days.

knock him out, cut off his feet, make food out of it and feed it to him. Than put a video on of me cutting his feet off and making it into food while he's eating his own foot sandwhich! he wouldn't know it until it was too lat.e

oh that person is you...

Greatest. Banner. Ever.
I will devour anyone who gives me a shitty stamp. Period.

it's good, cause I don't really have a shitty stamp cause Macs can't edit photos so good.

damn, it's been a while, i'll probably (A)IM you with Blackcadillacs04 someday. i get on aim less than neo probably.

take it easy
Ha I saw you in that band thread Silverstien.. I agree with most of the things you said...

I hope this isnt too shitty for ya..

sign back?

there is your shitty stamp

luv it.

'kay laterz
Your poetry in refractor is fantastic. Keep it up.

well, i got nothing to do cause i got banned from sports so i'll just sign people with the ew crappy stamp i made.

sorry 'bout not sending you a Gmail invite sooooo this is how im going to make it up to you. By signing your Guestbook! But if you want a gmail invite email me at:

zOMG you just got STAMPED by me! I stamped all over you! RAWR!
((This is my way of saying 'Hey! I thought about j00!' o.0))
So, once this heavy PWNAGE wears off, sign me back, or PM or something.

(Luff, luff, furbiddin luff!)

Hello, Snow*bleep*. I decided to sign your guestbook. So, take pride in the fact that you're the second person to be signed officially by me. Go dance, or whatever you do when you're happy.. [/Size][/Color]
Hey dood. Were Neofriends now so i thought i would sign your GB.
You get my newest Shity Stamp

Hey, Whatup? I've seen you in the KH: CoM forums, doing a Locking storm. Heh, but seriously, I can't understand why they don't read the rules. But whatever.


I'm sad to say i don't have a stamp with a hot anime chick in a santa hat.
Finally my last Vistit. I mean, on my quest of signing many peoples' guestbooks. Since im here I'll just take a brake. *drinks some tea... Well how have you need dood? Played any good X-Box games lately? Halo 2 really let me down man, that game was weak.

Well Merry Christmas Bro.

Dood, Laterz Dood.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope your wish come true.[hey did I just made a ryhme back there yay and wish me luck me too okey]

Been a while since we spoke. I saw a post of yours the other day and decided I'd just go ahead and sign your guestbook with my new stamp.

Take Care.

What the?! "The" SnowfoxD has actually signed a GB of a minor member and loser like me? Ahh, I feel honored!

Those pics in my neohome...naw, I did not draw them all but I have one in the net drawn by me.
Clickitty click click
Its not done..

Come to think of it...the last time I signed your GB, it was a real crappy one. To tell the truth, I just messing with people's GB. So to officially sign your GB, a stamp.

oh and ya,

for signing that is.

I'm just saying Happy Holidays
Have a great and fun holiday


I'd never forget you, bro. Enjoy.
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. And yes, you are one of my favorite moderators. BTW......nice stamp there.

I'll see you around.
So that is what your Honey.comb avatar thing in the corner does. Nice Neohome .

? What was I doing again?

Happy Halloween from Daisy and Gojyo!