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Sep 28, 15 6:10pm
new header competition for the graphics & animation forum is in full swing!

// WELCOME to the 2015 Graphics & Animation header competition!

Aug 23, 15 12:22pm
the whole world's on fire.
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Jan 18, 15 2:25pm

_D I G I T A L_ // _p o r t f o l i o s_ _» H E A D E R C O M P E T I T I O N_ the _

Jan 14, 15 7:20pm
alien:isolation - experience the sights and sounds from the floors of sevastopol station.
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Dec 26, 14 4:16pm

what gets your creative juices flowing when creating graphics? where does the process begin for you, and how do you find your

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Dec 23, 14 3:52pm

I've been harping about it around the lounge and a few other threads, but I thought a centralized discussion focused on t

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Dec 20, 14 10:01am
Iscariot shared a forum thread
Dec 07, 14 4:58pm _» http://neoseekergfx.deviantart.com_ neoseeker graphics now has a DeviantART g

Dec 03, 14 10:50am
I sleep on my back, cuz it's good for the spine, and coffin rehearsal.
Dec 02, 14 1:10pm
am I really all the things that are outside of me?
Nov 26, 14 6:25am
my, how things have changed around here.
Apr 29, 10 6:48am
passive-aggressive restroom stall notes.


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