Jul 17, 16 9:14pm
truth is like poetry. and most people hate poetry.
Jun 30, 16 6:50pm
don't bleed on me man, cuz you can't afford this jacket!
Iscariot shared a forum thread
Jun 7, 16 7:25am

hey folks! any shows you've seen recently or are excited about in the near future? I recently (last night) saw _at the

May 16, 16 7:54am
hazy eyes // plugged ears
Apr 21, 16 7:38am
between myself, Chelskiman, and Storm, the entertainment lounge trifecta's on lock!
Apr 13, 16 2:47pm
projected prospects.
Mar 14, 16 11:04pm
my 20s have left the building.
Mar 6, 16 3:52pm
and on the count of three, everybody run back to your fantasies.
Mar 3, 16 5:26pm
today, The Slayer taught me that I'm still a massive noob, and it was really eye-opening. so, thanks for that!
Feb 29, 16 2:20pm
G&A forum is underway with revamping a few things. read up and chime in:
Iscariot shared a forum thread
Feb 28, 16 11:11am so recently, I've thought about maybe having a little compe

Iscariot shared a forum thread
Feb 26, 16 8:08pm

_SUPERHOT on steam_ after a massively successful k

Iscariot shared a forum thread
Feb 20, 16 5:49pm

whenever I'm playing a new title on PC, I find myself wanting to test the waters with mouse and keyboard and a gamepad (o

Iscariot shared a forum thread
Jan 21, 16 1:19pm __ __ looks like _at the drive-in_,

Iscariot shared a forum thread
Jan 19, 16 1:42pm

I'm really happy with the ability to connect a steam account to your neoseeker profile. it automatically adds to my &


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