ashanne IronFistQueen
Aug 17, 09 4:53pm
Heeey Caitlyn.
So i was bored and thought I'd stop in
r.i.p ty guy you will be missed greatly. you were a dear friend of caitlyns for a whole 20 minutes, and we will never forget you D=
hah that was funny! well I'll get to the point:
Vena IronFistQueen
Dec 24, 08 2:22am
Merry Christmas!

I hope you have an enjoyable holiday!

Hahaha, I know it's so early, but I couldn't wait to stamp everyone with this. .___.; Anyways! Caitlin. <3 Remember our noob roleplaying and line-by-line story posts? GLAD THAT'S OVER! Hahaha, Merry Christmas <3

Wishing you the best,
Harvest Hunny <3
Bitter Sweet IronFistQueen
Dec 23, 08 6:23pm
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a good one Caitlin!

Sarvani ~<3
skandian IronFistQueen
Dec 19, 08 8:13am
Nice completion times, drew with me on one of them and i hold the fastest or equal fastest on each, i bought each of them when they came out and have played em for several years each, in Jak II:renegade did you end up getting 200 or 283 total orbs?
CardCaptor Sakura IronFistQueen
Jul 31, 08 12:34am
I've been forced to stamp you by my master Trend. So here I am. =P

»Trend, my one and only master.«
Vena IronFistQueen
Jul 29, 08 4:49pm
I'm stamping people with this:

Well you seem like a cool person so I'm gonna sign you're guestbook because I wanna.




The H stands for Hi.


But you're too awesome for that D:

I'mma give you this instead okay darling:

Yes I actually wrote that. (:
DranzerBlade IronFistQueen
Apr 26, 08 6:35pm

XD see you around.
pikapika22 IronFistQueen
Apr 24, 08 7:19am
sup im pretty much bored so imma just post a sign here (waits for word limit) well aww crap hmm lemme see one,two,twenty, my bad spelling and humour sence has told me that this is the limit... well

Sorry for waisting life
Pikapika22 (Aka: Darth #%&*er)
Vena IronFistQueen
Apr 06, 08 11:11pm
Congratulations on winning Secnd Place for Member with the best banner on the HM: AnWL Forum Awards: Member awards! Thank you for your contributions to the forum.
pikapika22 IronFistQueen
Apr 05, 08 4:17am
suuup i havent been on latley but sup anyway. well anyway im just wastin time so well i'll just see yah around the forums kk
Chocolate_lab IronFistQueen
Mar 22, 08 7:50pm
Have a Happy Happy Easter!!! I mean it!!!

Yoshi Rider IronFistQueen
Mar 04, 08 9:33pm
First HarvestHunny gets neo-married then you.I just decided to congratulate you on getting neo-married.Well actually your neo-engaged but any hope to see you around the threads more often.

C Falcon IronFistQueen
Jan 17, 08 4:31am
That's true! Lol I lol every time I see that... Thought I'd sign your GB because your in HM forum and you participate in regular activities....I just though I'd give my two cents to your guest book...See you in HM....

Falcon the Bailiff
Thyta IronFistQueen
Jan 15, 08 8:00am
Sorry for not signing before. Lots of stuff going on.. .____.

Anyways, I wanted to say that you're a cool friend to have on these forums, you're awesome at posting in fan fiction threads, and you're active all the time! No offense intended, of course. .____.

Anyways, here's a little stamp:

~ Credit goes to Quierta, awesome graphics maker!

Quierta's making me a new avatar, banner, and stamp soon. Hopefully. I stamp ya again when I get it. Hopefully. =P

Hope to see ya around!

~ Thyta
Yoshi Rider IronFistQueen
Jan 05, 08 6:33pm
Hello there

Check out my stamp

credits go to candy cane

thanks for being a great friend

PsychoMugetsu IronFistQueen
Jan 02, 08 3:13am
Thanks for signing mine.

Here's my little image:

It's a Pokemon. lol

Happy new years!
pensfan8729 IronFistQueen
Jan 02, 08 12:20am



Vena IronFistQueen
Dec 31, 07 9:00am
Thank you for the guestbook signing .___.

I know I'm strange.
I'm flattered about the fact you lke it.
pikapika22 IronFistQueen
Dec 30, 07 10:42pm
Makes sence to me i'll add you you add me so heres my personal stamp