this town will be the downfall of us all.
it's a great day to be alive :D
why do people tell me they'll understand when they just judge me for my feelings?
this christmas rocks :)
forever the sickest kids<3

Considering none of my IRL friends have Neo accounts, I thought I'd create a few little messages to blow some steam for what they do/did/will do/etc.

First, Dearest Friend Number One - GROW THE HELL UP. Seriously, get some new jeans and stop wearing those freaking 8-year-old pants with the flower and butterfly designs on them. They are NOT CUTE. They look stupid, considering you're freaking 16 years old! And you do NOT look good in the pictures you say you do! You're narcissistic, self-centered, immature, jonas-brother loving FREAK that NO ONE LIKES. Seriously, I wonder why I'm friends with you, cause NO ONE ELSE IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL EXCEPT LIKE 4 PEOPLE LIKE YOU. THEY ALL THINK YOU'RE WEIRD. K?

Second, Dearest Friend Number Two - How ignorant and clueless can you get? You think that inviting someone to a party, then uninviting them, then inviting a DIFFERENT friend to the same party is OKAY? Are you for real? Of course I'm offended, you freaking replaced me! God, GET A CLUE! And also, get some manners. You don't invite yourself somewhere then make it awkward for the person who doesn't want you in their plans. Then you go and get OFFENDED that I didn't invite you? HELLO, YOU DO IT TO ME EVERY WEEKEND. GO HAVE IMMATURE FUN WITH DEAREST FRIEND NUMBER ONE THEN TALK ABOUT IT IN FRONT OF ME, YEAH THAT'S COOL. Whatever, I'll just do the same thing with Dearest Friend Number Three (who will not be mentioned in this because she is AWESOME) and then of course, you'll get mad right? Cause it's only ok when you do it. Yeah. Sure.

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There are some real douche bags on Neo.
Dangerous Orange Roaring Kangaroos. DORK.
Tekken loooooove.
New semester eeeeee. D:
Uhh... Neo changed again?
is loving Tekken 6!!! <3

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