Son_Goten Invincible Vegito
Dec 26, 06 1:36am

I just wanted to wish you a merry Chirstmas and off course a happy new year

Guess I will be seeing you in the forums next year.

yamacha24 Invincible Vegito
May 30, 06 8:19pm
Hi,my real name is Xavier and I was interested on signing your guestbook and could you sign my guestbook ,too.I have one more question to ask,how did you put a picture near your member name?Could send me a private message to tell me?

Yamidiot Invincible Vegito
Feb 9, 05 2:15pm
what The **** do you mean by your entry in my guestbook dude? clarify it.
It is a name i made up watching yugioh one day

You got PWNED by:
Toddy2hottie Invincible Vegito
Nov 15, 04 4:56am
Dude I noticed that you aren't in the Legacey of Goku threads and we really miss you dude and how exactly did you get so many posts in so little time?

P.S. where are you?
Son_Goten Invincible Vegito
Nov 4, 04 2:27am
hey pal
hows it going i hope you like your trip
well the forums aren't the same without you
well see ya


which do you prefer of my stamps PM me
son gohan Invincible Vegito
Oct 30, 04 9:49am
hey wus up,just signing your guest book since we seem to talk on the same forum. anyways Happy Holloween from SG a fellow DBZ fusion fan.
DQ Maniac Invincible Vegito
Oct 30, 04 7:55am

~enjoy the Halloween day~
Once again, I have no homework and so much time on my hands. Have a look at my stamp:

Who will win?
Whut up, whut up, whut up? Check out my new stamp! Yeah, you know you like it.

ssy3 gotenks Invincible Vegito
Oct 25, 04 2:15am
Hey Invincible Vegito or IV for short. I saw you a lot at the DBZ Buus Fury and DragonBall forum, so I decided to sign your guestbook and become Neofriends.
Here is my stamp:

Hoped you like it.
See ya.
Hello. Whut up? Whaz crackilackin? I am Theory of Chaos and this is your guestbook. My stamp is below. Think you can handle it?

moocoweatsfire Invincible Vegito
Oct 15, 04 8:56am
If this came to you. Meh, i'm signing people's gb for fun, see ya round the forums.
hope ya sign back

see ya
ulitmate taz Invincible Vegito
Oct 11, 04 7:19pm
yo allright mate i am just signing your guestbook i know i would do it soon that it done
Son_Goten Invincible Vegito
Oct 9, 04 2:07pm
i wanted to sign your guestbook because
you and i are the same on this forum i am new and you are new and we both like
Hey!I promised to sign your gbook, so here it is!I know we'll be good buddies soon!

DQ Maniac Invincible Vegito
Oct 2, 04 8:24pm