I just figure out what a guest book was recently lol so I just felt like signing guests books in my free time so Dark Bro my crew has been some what dieing but it will pull through so don't worry I'm keeping my promise I made u too and I'll be their for u like u were their for me don't forget that your loyal friend:
Sorry about leaving the crew like that, but... well yeah, you know.

Thanks for everything.Sorry about the sudden surprise.

Hope to see you around.
About leaving the clan :/.

Are we cool?I am really busy lately.
Figured I'd sign your guestbook. One day I'll beat your sheik

~Menk ~

Hey there Inu ^__^ Just wanted to drop by with my new stamp and say hey. Thanks for being a good friend also.

I suck at the stamping -_- [URL=http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c273/DarkQ/RagePunch1.gif][/URL]
Ya, green Sonic FTW ^^

I always liked brawling you, so yea STAMPING!


Later lol

stamped by none other than the Yoshi King
Hey Inu, what's up man? Nahh just thought I'd sign your guestbook, seeing as we're pretty good neo friends.

Ohh shit! I forgot my stamp URL! lol Anyway, I'll make sure that the next time I sign your guestbook, there will be a stamp.

Well, looking forward to Brawl you, as you are always a challenge and our battles are intense and best of all FUN!!

Well, see ya around on the clan dude. Take care. Later.


Woots first to sign! I wanted to sign cause your such a cool guy. I hope that you and I become even better friends.