Withholding information about Sheik is truly saddening, however with her appearances in OoT:3DS,... read more

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They have about as much mental endurance as someone who works the same 8 hour shift at...
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quote Muller
quote Inuyasha
I'm not certain if you've ever watched any League of Legends tournaments...
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likes his status update: "http://the-red-panda.deviantart.com/art/Angeal-s-rage-at-Cloud-94385530"

Now there's no reason for kids who are named only _____ to play anything besides the champion in their name! read more

Still think Fnatic would've done better against SKT, but congrats to both teams, they both... read more

Pssh well my banning predictions were right, I really felt that Fnatic were better than them even... read more

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Shaco and Jinx sitting in a tree. K-I-L-L-I-N-G.
Classic! read more

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Wow. I busted my ass this season to get to Gold and then they dump a bunch of...
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Disclaimer: The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the various authors (including me) do not...
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Downloading this puppy now. I've got newspaper layout for the next four hours, then I have two hours to do whatever,... read more

StVicious' interview summed up in asterisks

*Trying to sound cool whilst belittling CLG*

Pleased Curse did so well,...
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This is a great game, very comparable to D3. Many people are saying that PoE is what D3 should've been, I myself... read more

Downloaded on the Mac, glad I have a PBE account, but I haven't used it before. Works fine, I'm able to run it,... read more

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This sounds

sounds like something.

Something, indeed.

So vague (both my post and OP), can't wait to hear more information.
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Ethics? Come on now, that's over the top. It takes 10 games like Lorx said, IF that, to get a new champion for the... read more

Riot is a company. If they can offer things that people are willing to buy with real money and succeed then good for... read more

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Underpowered is still Imba. Humorous to see clearly OP heroes stomping the pub scene while Riot churns out...
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