sword_of_omens Intoxication
Mar 08, 16 2:08pm
Intoxication you sir, are under-appreciated! you are always there for everyone else and willing to lend a helping hand. I salute you you and am proud to call you friend!
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Oct 27, 15 4:17pm


With it being released days ago, I expected this forum to be buzzing with discussions and questions and quite disheartening t

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Sep 23, 15 10:13am


I am having some trouble collecting all the cards for the "Collect them all" quest. Going by my counts, I think I&a

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Sep 18, 15 12:22pm


Does any else have any trouble selling off all your items from loots? Since starting my game+ run, and now with all the w

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Jul 30, 15 10:43am


Any one had trouble completing this quest? I am having great difficulty completing this quest because the guy keep getting

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Jul 17, 15 1:38pm


This one is for those of you guys who have completed the main story/quests. Regarding side quests, I've recently real

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Jul 13, 15 10:38am


I didn't know this quest was part of the main quest and needed to be done together until I got to the part where you saw

Dec 23, 14 10:04am
Have a Merry Christmas and great New Year every one!
Sep 26, 14 7:30am
Still haven't got a single game for my PS4! :(
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Aug 20, 14 7:28pm


15.08.14 _Learn more about player progression in Assassin's Creed Unity with Benjamin Plich._ It wasn’t easy, giv

Intoxication shared a forum thread (@Dragoon)
Aug 15, 14 10:31am
Glad to see AC is back to it's Stealth route. :D
Jul 25, 14 9:48pm
Finally bought a PS4! :D
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May 05, 14 9:19am
neoforums v2.1.0


Hi everyone,We are pleased to announce the launch of neoforums v2.1.0, a minor update to the site which features 5 main improvements:New Forums browsing modesYou can now browse a forum sorted by newly created threads. We've moved "subscribed"...

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