Intoxication shared a forum thread
Sep 23, 15 10:13am

I am having some trouble collecting all the cards for the "Collect them all" quest. Going by my counts, I think I&a

Intoxication shared a forum thread
Sep 18, 15 12:22pm

Does any else have any trouble selling off all your items from loots? Since starting my game+ run, and now with all the w

Intoxication shared a forum thread
Jul 30, 15 10:43am

Any one had trouble completing this quest? I am having great difficulty completing this quest because the guy keep getting

Intoxication shared a forum thread
Jul 17, 15 1:38pm

This one is for those of you guys who have completed the main story/quests. Regarding side quests, I've recently real

Intoxication shared a forum thread
Jul 13, 15 10:38am

I didn't know this quest was part of the main quest and needed to be done together until I got to the part where you saw

Dec 23, 14 10:04am
Have a Merry Christmas and great New Year every one!
Sep 26, 14 7:30am
Still haven't got a single game for my PS4! :(
Intoxication shared a forum thread
Aug 20, 14 7:28pm

15.08.14 _Learn more about player progression in Assassin's Creed Unity with Benjamin Plich._ It wasn’t easy, giv

Intoxication shared a forum thread (@Dragoon)
Aug 15, 14 10:31am
Glad to see AC is back to it's Stealth route. :D
Jul 25, 14 9:48pm
Finally bought a PS4! :D
Intoxication shared a forum thread (@Redemption)
May 05, 14 9:19am
neoforums v2.1.0

Hi everyone,We are pleased to announce the launch of neoforums v2.1.0, a minor update to the site which features 5 main improvements:New Forums browsing modesYou can now browse a forum sorted by newly created threads. We've moved "subscribed"...

Intoxication shared a forum thread (@Aurora)
Jan 24, 14 9:45pm

I think it'd be cool if posts were sharable just like threads. Sometimes I come across a really helpful or insightful post that I want to "share with the world" via my wall.Mock ups:Wall itemShare link on postsThoughts?...

Intoxication shared a forum thread (@Redemption)
Nov 13, 13 10:07am
Another great addition!

Hi everyone,If you are paying to have your username changed, we now have a system that allows you to do it and have the name changed immediately by the system. This automated name change requires Paypal. Click here for a full name change for a $...

Aug 13, 13 9:43pm
"Sometimes the biggest risks are those we take with our hearts.."
Intoxication shared a forum thread (@Redemption)
Jul 11, 13 3:42pm
Awesome new updates!!

Neoseeker 2k13 Profile Upgrade Hi everyone,We're very excited to welcome you to the new 2k13 profile upgrade, one of the largest and most ambitious upgrades we've ever done to the site.This is a major change to Neoseeker's game and user profiles t...

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