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Jan 20, 10 5:21pm

Winner of the 53rd round of Articles of Excellence. The Legend of Zelda series has quite a remarkable legacy and expectations are high for the latest installment Spirit Tracks. Ech0ez guides us through this fantasy adventure of trains and demons to give us an idea of whether or not this game lives up to the series standards. How does it fare? Check the source to see for yourself.

 The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks     Score: 4.7/5
 Genre: Adventure

 The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a fantastic game which
 gets somewhat slow at times, but overall it’s truly superb.

quote Ech0ez
The Legend of Zelda is franchise is synonymous with the word good, almost all the games in the series have met with amazing critical reception, and the demand for the games is ever rising. The latest entry in Nintendo’s legendary series is Spirit Tracks. Released for the Nintendo DS on December the 11th Spirit Tracks takes place 100 yeas after the events of Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. It kicks off in the same fashion it’s two predecessors did; with a storyboard briefly explaining the basic back-story to the game. Sometime after the events of Phantom Hourglass, Link & Tetra’s crew of pirates arrived at a new land and christened it ‘New Hyrule’ and reinstated the Hyrulean monarchy. An age of peace followed but it was short lived, with appearance of the demon king Malladus. Malladus takes over the land, but is eventually stopped by the Spirits of Good and imprisoned beneath the land using shackles that cover the land itself, all of which intersect at the Tower of Spirits; created by the Spirits to maintain the shackles. The weakened Spirits departed to the heavens and left the land in the hands of the New Hylians.

"Damn it my evil plot was foiled by those shiny triangles!"

Fast-forward to the events of the game itself and the kingdom is flourishing, and the shackles that imprison Malladus have become known as the ‘Spirit Tracks’ and are used as a railway system across the land. You take on the role of a descendant of the Link whom was the protagonist in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. An aspiring apprentice engineer this new Link is just about to set-off to Hyrule Castle to attend the graduation ceremony that will crown him a Royal Engineer. Link travels to the castle and heads to the ceremony where he is bestowed the title of royal engineer by Princess Zelda herself, whom reveals to Link that the Spirit Tracks are disappearing and that she needs him to take her to the Tower of Spirits to find out what’s going on. She warns Link to be weary of the mysterious Chancellor Cole whom she suspects may have dark motives, and has Link guide her out of the castle by giving him the royal uniform which is the same as Link’s traditional tunic, and from there they meet up with Alfonzo; the master engineer and former soldier whom taught Link all he knows about trains. Just as the three make there way out of Hyrule Castle aboard Link’s train, the Tower of Spirits is shattered and the Spirit Tracks begin to disappear, causing the train to crash. Much to the horror of the trio Chancellor Cole appears and reveals himself to be a demon and along with his second in-command; Byrne, they easily overpower Alfonzo and Link and then proceed to murder the Princess, taking her lifeless body with them.
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Jan 02, 10 10:36pm

Let me tell you a story.

While Mario and Pokemon are the biggest money makers in the...

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